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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on August 22nd

The astral sign of Leo, ruled by the planet Sun – the individual, and the birth date ruler Uranus – the visionary, with birth stone of Ruby

You are quite an explorer. You will focus on exploring and exploiting just about any talent you remotely notice in yourself. Your way of doing things is through hard work, as you believe that is the only way to reach success. In your mind the path to success has nothing to do with luck or destiny, as you believe you are the master of your own life and what future has to offer, after all you also hate receiving orders from people, you much rather are placed on the opposite side giving them. In a way that is absolutely to be expected from you, given your remarkable self-control.

You can be bossy, but you are also very artistic, your creativeness is based on your imagination and is quite extraordinary. Adding your charisma in the mix you make for a very inspiring person, you can create an environment in which people feel comfortable and inspired enough to create their own in your vicinity. Your belief in hard work is quite orthodox in a way, but you make up to it with the ability to make it seem exciting and fun, and that goes for even the hardest most unpleasant chores.

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You will often be perceived as this authoritative, strong, tough, even outspoken person. And to top it all up you can be extremely stubborn, especially when it comes to changing your opinion. Once you set up on your truth it is your truth and nobody can change it. But that does not go for all of you, as you are only very strict, focused and one-sided when it comes to your beliefs. When it comes to the real you, you really are this big sensitive softy, but that side of you majority of people will never get to see.

You are a bit more flexible when younger, where if you allow people to give you advice, will result in you constructing your path for the successful future a bit more cautiously and successfully. And than later on in life you authoritative nature comes to the front and dominate your life. But there is no great problems with that occurrence if you just allow your creativity and relationship needs to push their way up to the surface and focus on the path you are taking.


You are a very sociable person, attracting many admirers. Relationships in general are absolutely great setting for you as they help you develop your creativity but also help you compromise. But to reach your overall happiness you really need to find a partner who will give you your freedom to pursue your interests and from time to time allow you your own time to go where you want to go.


Stick to healthy fresh food, and make sure you are eating regular meals. Add vitamins to your diet to improve your immune system and also exercise to keep your body in good shape so it can keep up with your lifestyle. You plan so much in advance you forget you need to live in the here and now, and here and now is where you have to set the health straight so it can serve you in the future. Be in the now, have a good focused daily routine, and be present for it. Try focusing better by meditating on daily or at least weekly basis to regroup your thoughts.


You will most likely find yourself in a leadership position in any career you choose. You may however end up working for yourself rather than for someone else despite falling on a leadership position. You will most likely enjoy business, management, sales, promotion, careers along the line of hard-work possibilities that make money. But despite the drive to incorporate yourself in that area, you may also end up fancying careers in law, education, writing, even entertaining world.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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