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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on August 21st

The astral sign of Leo, ruled by the planet Sun – the individual, and the birth date ruler Jupiter – the philosopher, with birth stone of Ruby

You somehow aim at blending in, as you do not really want to always be the centre of attention. But you somehow always find yourself attracting attention to yourself, after all your appeal is so bright and powerful you can not get it toned down even if you wanted to.

You are just so likeable you will always stand out. The beauty or voice or intelligence, something will always dominate your persona and point you out from the crowd, despite your desire to be withdraw and not attract attention. This very exposure can whey as quite a burden on you, and remains as such until you accept your uniqueness. And that disconnect between trying to run away and acceptance of you being special, does limit your success.

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Your natural appeal to people is one thing maturity can fix, after all once you are mature enough you learn that it is a gift you can use however you see fit. And mostly you will find it quite a wonderful gift you can redirect to just about whatever direction you wish. But it will come after quite a learning curve of finding balance in practicality and toning down your perfectionism, and after you are done repressing your individuality you will just about understand what you actually want from yourself.

Your main focus should be finding ways to avoid repressing your overall persona, sure you are not the person who craves attention, but there is a difference between craving it and attracting it due to your natural charms. You can not fight that, it was given to you to use it, not to try and repress it. And once you are done going backwards you will find you have a tremendous potential and when you decide to use it, you will realize there is far more satisfaction in expression and involvement in what life has to offer than trying to constantly run away. After all allow people the satisfaction of loving you for who you are, as what they see in you is far more than just a beautiful face and attractive voice. You are a representation of fresh, original and intelligent person sharing talents with the world. Don’t waste your potential for success, rather attract and harvest it with happiness.


Up until now I believe I expressed your natural attractiveness to the point you got the idea. So needless to say you have your own group of admirers lined up. You will most likely not be single for a long time. However you do need to make sure you set your priorities straight, as if you allow your active social life to interfere with your personal life, you may end up having troubles committing to the right person. And you do not want to be strayed away from that opportunity, as you are at your happiest and feel most fulfilled when you are in a loving and committed relationship.


You may be prone to challenge your body in the most unhealthy way, trying to fit the social norms and adjust to the odd some trends. And the greatest challenge in this area is not going to be to fit in but much rather to put health first. After all there is nothing more satisfying than a healthy mind and body in a package. So I will encourage you to rather than try and adjust to social norms, find a good healthy diet with introducing exercise routine to it, and make it on a daily basis. With that you will much easier tackle the everyday challenges. After all it is not about the best body can look, it is about the best body can feel.


It does not really matter what career you choose, as what your objective will always be is improvement to anything you do. You do aim at teaching everyone you can reach about the improvements you can make, which may lead you into education, publishing or writing (after all that is a way to reach quite a broad audience). However your love for diversity may also point you in direction of travels or tourism. But you do have artistic side of you as well, so there will be success in that career waiting for you if you decide to go that direction as well, which includes entertainment industry as well as sports.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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