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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on August 20th

he astral sign of Leo, ruled by the planet Sun – the individual, and the birth date ruler Moon – the intuitive, with birth stone of Ruby

There is what seem like a mystery sense surrounding you, given your tendency to be self-contained, one might say you are quite complex to figure out, and for that reason you may find people have a hard time understanding you.

You like spending time alone, in a sense you need it, and to the outside it may feel like you are experiencing loneliness, but in reality it is quite the opposite, you from your perspective are quite involved with consideration of other people around you and will quite often use your intelligent humour to light up the mood all around.

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Still even through you do function as quite an extrovert and entertain with your humour on occasion, there is this thoughtfulness about you that to the outside world is interpreted as sadness, or even struggle with deep dark secrets, but in reality you just find it difficult sharing your complex imagination with others. In a way it is all just your fears of people’s views of your persona. And in all fairness it is valid, after all people do struggle to understand your exterior projections, but that should not be the impression or opinion people should adapt of you.

The struggles you are experiencing regarding this situation may be overly intense for you, which may quite often result in addictive pursuits or work overload just to get away from the reality of it. Nothing you would pursue along this line will however be of satisfaction to you. To figure out these struggles you often put focus on trying to figure out your past in hopes you will find answers there, but the result often ends up pushing you even further detaching from reality. Stay in here and now and try and understand that not every person looks at you the same, after all some do take time to understand you if you let them get close enough. However those who do not, you need to understand some people just do not have the interest in putting effort in getting to know new people and expanding their friendship group. Nothing personal though.


Your imagination is an incredible bonus to your relationship goals, but you need to not count only on props to set up the romance, and by props I am talking about candles and flowers. To have and keep a good relationship you will need to not only use your imagination but also open up and also be supportive and practical to keep relationship exciting, fun and growth prone.


Eating healthier and introducing exercise routine to your everyday will help your body to keep up with your demands for emotional wellbeing. As you put so much emphasis on figuring out your psychological health, you tend to forget your body state is also important for for your psychological wellbeing. So distressing on both ends is not only not productive but also damaging to your overall health. And I guess the biggest emphasis when it comes to your health should be on your addictive tendencies. Needless to say they are health hazardous and will not only cause a slight hick up but rather reek havoc on your body and mind if you do not figure out how to steer clear of it.


You will most likely aim at careers as scientist, journalist, politician, counsellor, writer, publisher or even artist. You are always aiming at discovering new information about yourself as well as everyone else. But for that very reason you may not like the traditional setting of being employed under someone else’s lead, meaning you may prefer being self-employed.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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