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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on August 19th

The astral sign of Leo, ruled by the planet Sun – the individual, and the birth date ruler Sun – the individual, with birth stone of Ruby

You are one smooth communicator. You are definitely much more serious behind the scene than you led out to be. But your exterior is quite a gain when it comes to chasing after your agendas which are kind of a top secret in your mind until you really make sure you achieve it. And you are quite determined to keep it that way. You will also be very candid when it comes to sharing your emotions or situations, that is not to say you will not share anything, as you do give people a few bits just to get them off your back, and you do give them genuine emotions, but you will never disclose the full story. And as you are master communicator, you will most definitely edit your whole idea very carefully so nobody can even begin to imagine what is going on behind the scenes with you.

Your careful editing is limited to the point where you will only share the information you consider inspiring or even revealing to people, in a way impressing them with the in depth information. Image is also extremely important to you, you consider it even more important than the presentation, so needless to say anything you will do with intent to impact people, you will most definitely reach their interest and inspire them. After all you are a total detail-oriented person and make sure you have every angle covered. With that said, you are most often considered the person who leads your group or is considered a leader by others.

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Be ware of the enthusiasm this position gives you though, as you can very quickly succumb to the attention you are given and loose the grip on reality. You are not at all productive if you are in your delusion state of invincibility. Keep your feet firm on the ground and follow your patterns as you are well aware what brings you success and what may derail you and cause setbacks.

You are in general very aware of your worth and you definitely should keep it so. Your exterior is also quite well aligned with not showing any weaknesses as they would only interfere with your positive drive. But there is not always 100% no doubt, as you may struggle to maintain the image, and when that happens you kind of do not take the normal risks necessary for your psychological growth. Keep moving forward, that is one thing you should always be focused on, and do not let doubts prevent you from doing so. When you feel limited in big steps, stick to small ones, as long as you are in motion.

As the years go by you are becoming more and more sociable and that is how it should be. With that your creativity is rising and being as dynamic and bright as you are it all just helps your success. Be courageous, original and tackle complexities to achieve inspiring results. As that is how you should always go about life.


You have quite a magnetic personality going on, people are drawn to you massively, and yet you tend to work on protecting your privacy fiercely. However for that very reason you may end up pushing people away and with that said achieving lasting intimacy can be quite a problem. Learning to open up and accept peoples acceptance of you fully inside out will help you get into and maintain lasting relationship.


It is very important for you to live a healthy lifestyle, after all with your influence on people around you it is a good and fair thing to live by what you preach. Consider a healthy diet with fresh food and on a good schedule, but also adding exercise to your routine to help keep your overall health in better state of being. It does not really matter what kind of exercise you would prefer as long as you stick to it and add fresh air to it as well. Committing to it is the most important thing, after all leading by example is the best influence as well as it is great for your overall health.


You are mostly attracted by careers in politics, law or sometimes education as well. You are such a smooth communicator you get a boost of working in sales as well. Fashion and design as well as entertainment world may also be of appeal to you. However no matter what direction you choose, you will always strive to be the leading character in the mix, as you love to direct and are in charge of any action proceedings. Your smooth interactions are bound to succeed.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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