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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on August 18th

The astral sign of Leo, ruled by the planet Sun – the individual, and the birth date ruler Mars – the warrior, with birth stone of Ruby

You are absolutely incredibly tolerant person, your sensitivity to the surroundings does not make it easy though, as you can experience joy as well as pain quite deeply and much more intense than anyone else around you. On the bright side though, your belief that emotions hold the key to person’s fulfillment, you do not seem to be bothered by the intensity of it.

You are mostly the first person people would go to for advice and support or consult. You are sensitive to other people’s emotions, yet to your own you seem to have a good control over it and do not get too greatly affected by it. You can tell when people come to you from a place where they will take your advice and incorporate it, those people you like to work with.

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With all you have to offer to people you in a sense feel a great responsibility to others and want to protect them and inflict strength in them so they are better able to tackle their everyday challenges. Because of this way of doing things, you do have quite a large number of supporters, which can also be a bit hindering to your ability to stand alone in certain things. So be careful not to loose your independency.

Over time you do mature and gain quite a strength in self-confidence and with that you become much more objective to feelings of others. With that in a way detachment from involvement in other people’s feelings you will also give self more time and discover your own innovative and original mindset. That gives you quite an advantage in any field of life you wish to tackle.

Your life in earlier to mid age is all about finding practicality in life as well as order, after all finding ways to connect to people takes some structure in order to not loose yourself, as everyone who is as sensitive to surroundings as you are can easily extend themselves beyond their limit and end up trying to figure out who they are as well as constantly trying to figure out how to recharge yourself as handling other people’s emotional struggles is after all emotionally draining.


You have no problems attracting people into your life. You are such a warm and loving person, and love to give as well as get the same nurturing approach from your partner. You like nothing more than to end up in a very loving long term relationship you can thrive in. However you do put emphasis on honesty and direct communication, as you are sensitive and opened giving everything you got into the mix, so it also means you really need to make sure you are protecting yourself from people who tend to use that.


Overwhelming you may result in overeating, so as far as your health goes, you really need to mind your emotional exhaustion. Food should be consumed in a healthy and well intended way. Adding vitamins to your diet is very beneficial as it can help maintain a good balance with your exhaustion. Consider adding some more relaxing time to your daily routines. Daily activity will also benefit your overall health, especially out in the fresh air. However no amount of healthy food and exercise, even rest will not be able to keep up with keeping you on the healthy side if you do not consider yourself a priority when it comes to overreacting in trying to help everyone around you. You need to think of you first.


You will most definitely fit into social work, education, psychology, well any caregiving position really. You are well predisposed for careers in healing or medical as well as alternative health positions. But given your artistic side and imagination that is quite peculiar you may also want to tackle careers in arts or theatre. But you may also find interest in business, law, politics.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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