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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on August 16th

The astral sign of Leo, ruled by the planet Sun – the individual, and the birth date ruler Neptune – the speculator, with birth stone of Ruby

Your whole persona is totally unconventional as are your ideas, and you are at your happiest when you can share it with an audience. You love attention, and for your energetic and enthusiastic ways you are quite hard to ignore.

You will find a way that will fit you in how to influence people, and will do anything to win against any obstacles or people standing in your way. You are extremely driven to achieve power and recognition, even to the point where you get revengeful, even to the point of distrustful towards anyone standing on your way.

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On the outside you are very confrontational, which in a way complements or even expresses your attention-seeking behaviour. However the entire front is much different than your actual nature, as you do not really give much on material gain, even though you appear to be driven toward career success. Below the surface your main motivation however is absolutely personal happiness, and you tend to reach it but also tend to keep it for yourself. So I suppose you could also say your exterior is in a way distraction to hide the underlaying private personal life. You do not like mixing personal life with public life and are determined to keep it separated.

You start building your structure in life for yourself in work as well as your personal life. While building it up to your satisfaction you can definitely display quite ruthless side of yourself. Later on in life however you do focus more on displaying your creativity and aiming at quality rather than quantity, and that goes for your work, personal life and relationships. As long as you mind other people’s emotions you find that you can draw people in with quite the same magnetic style and don’t really need to focus on powerful consciousness harassment.


You in relationship are definitely loyal to the bone and supportive to the last misfitting bit. You can see people for who they are and not at all for who you would like them to be, as you are genuine in your support and belief in people’s nature. However you are absolutely independent which may be in the way of setting mutual goals with your partner. There is of course also a way around your downsides, as you can always find the partner who matches your energetic, confident and strong-willed persona and you will find you can tackle love life quite easily.


Being as energetic as you are, you definitely need to have a good diet plan in place as well as exercise routine in place. After all you need extra venting time on daily basis, preferably with a vigorous exercise in place, to help you loose some overwhelming energy flow. You should not however forget that family and friends also count when it comes to your health, after all emotional as well as physical bodies work together to maintain optimal health. Try avoiding negative influences and substances, as they will only slow you down and hinter your development.


Take any career field and you will strive for success and constantly new goals. But the areas you will most likely see yourself attracted to are performing, politics, teaching, business, entrepreneurship, media. There are a few more along the lines of these, but I feel what is very important for you to know is that you do not necessarily work best in positions of employees. From what I gather, you will work your best and most creative in positions of leadership or just simply working for yourself.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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