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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on August 13th

The astral sign of Leo, ruled by the planet Sun – the individual, and the birth date ruler Uranus – the visionary, with birth stone of Ruby

You are a very straight shooter and a sharp one at that, so accordingly of course you are not a stranger to conflict or even controversy. In fact it seems you like it and many times even provoke it with making cracks in complex conversations where you push on your own ideas.

You see the world in a totally different light, and with your resilience push against the norms of the world with much pleasure, and win quite a number of admirers along the way, however there are also those who will disapprove your theories and ideas. And that is ok to you, after all it does not matter to you how ridiculous people see your lifestyle to be, you are always faithful and loyal to your beliefs.

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To you life is a drifting ride you have to catch the moment and seize opportunities. So whenever life does not go according to plan, you do not really allow yourself to feel disappointed. Even with people disagreeing with you. Your ideas and imagination is always supported by your solid analytical skills, and what often will happen is people will admire your bravery to go agains any disagreements even when they do not approve.

You like taking risks in any aspect of your life, and you are as courageous as it gets with doing so. But it is your discipline that glues everything together and predisposes you to success. However even with your discipline you can be a bit at disadvantage if you need to keep on schedule, as the perfect timing is kind of not really your thing. And perfect timing is very important for you to know when to tackle your challenges, and when to be patient or even when to just let go when loosing and when to grab on when winning.

At the end of the day developing your intuition will benefit you most of all, as with it you will find you can much easier pinpoint good timings, and proper proceedings.


You dream of romantic true love but it may be a bit far out of your reach because of your insecurities. Getting in touch with your true feelings and desires and getting to know yourself and getting comfortable with who you really are will help break those insecurities and get your dream love life in place.


Diet is important, and you may be good with keeping it healthy but make sure it is also in small portions and more meals, rather than large meals and far apart. Regular exercise is also important for you, especially as you love competing – competitive sports may be perfect for you. But in general overview regular exercise helps your body to keep in shape and maintain immune system strong and healthy. However there is more to health than just healthy diet and exercise. To keep in your best shape you much also make sure your emotional needs are met. Time spent alone, with yourself, making sure you understand your needs and satisfy them at that is as important as everything else you will ever do for your health. Knowing when to stop and keep still instead of constantly rushing through things you believe you should do is also not very smart thing to do. Quality rest is one of those things you may want to consider to gain clarity and destress, even afternoon naps may be way better option to be more productive, than to overwhelm yourself with overworking.


You are driven and want to venture into careers that have a meaning to you, therefor you may find yourself drawn to careers in law, politics, technology, science, or any form of social reform. But since you are also very artistic and have an eye for different kind of beautiful, you may find art, writing or even advertising quite interesting and along the lines of what you would maybe consider your career as well. You are however very driven, and have a sharp intellect, which may get in the way of working for someone else. So either you will climb to a position of authority or you will find it is easier for you to own your own business where you can be the boss and run the game.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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