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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on August 12th

The astral sign of Leo, ruled by the planet Sun – the individual, and the birth date ruler Jupiter – the philosopher, with birth stone of Ruby

You have an eye for innovative paths in life, and you find you make big steps and progress through leading others on the path. You have a great respect for existing knowledge and tend to use that rather than stray away from what is known. In a way it makes your job in shifting through the data to find the best option possible, much easier. And you will for sure take your time to do the logical evaluation every single time before deciding on the best way to proceed.

You are very intelligent and have a profound clarity for things, and of course your resourcefulness as well when thrown into the mix makes for an impressive ability to leave people in awe. Looking at your work from outside in people see you as quite a magic man with what you pull off in a given frame of time and resources. But than you are really not afraid of pulling up your sleeves and digging deep into hard work to make some serious results.

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Your expectations for yourself are set quite high, but than there also are no doubts or worries around your self-belief as you do have unshakable confidence. And with that said, this will most likely be your biggest obstacle in trying to influence others. You can be quite ego driven and harsh with words of criticism when it comes to teaching or relaying information to other people. So if you find a way to loose that tendency to criticize people’s every move and lower your ego a bit, people will give you more opportunities to inspire them.

You tend to try finding practicality in every aspect of life early on in life, and that drive to figure it out may leave you very strict and emotionally detached from the world. However as you need people to be around you and admire your every move so you can share your philosophy, over the course of life you tend to strive to bring more harmony, creativity and even balance into your life. In a way the sooner you find the best approach to people and in a way develop tolerance and gain patience, the sooner you will find yourself achieving much more rewarding and successful goals.


Your tendency to prioritize work may stand in the way of happiness in love life. But there are opportunities for you to find your perfect match to your life, and you pair yourself best with a partner who really appreciates your brilliance in work ethic as well as achievements, and since you love attention to your success, that person also does not get in the way of your shine, they just go ahead and admire your every move. However you do like the challenge so they should also match your intelligence and determination to present you with the challenge you need to thrive.


Your best dietary advice would be to keep on schedule with your meals, as you tend to skip them as you get dug into your work and well just simply forget. Same goes for the quality of meals, it is not enough to eat on time, it will also matter what you put in your mouth, taking time should equal a healthy meal you can enjoy and know is good for your health. Adding mild exercise to your schedule, or at least daily walk in fresh air will make all the difference in feeling well and keeping your immune system in good shape. But diet and exercise is not the only piece your body needs for good health. Keeping a good company you can enjoy is a huge benefit for mental health, but also physical health, after all in body everything is connected. And for the end the one most important thing for you will be getting plenty and quality sleep is extremely important.


Logic and information, that is what draws your interest. You love to research information. Careers in history, science, business, entertainment, all would make a great success in your life. It depends on your choice of direction. You shift through data like a sponge absorbing everything and putting it into good use. You do not however like taking orders from people, so keep in mind, whatever you choose to do, find your own freedom to use knowledge as you desire.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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