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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on April 5th

The astral sign of Aries, ruled by the planet Mars – the warrior, and the birth date ruler Mercury – the communicator, with birth stone of Diamond

You are fully dedicated to your life’s mission, which in your case is to always learn something new, always improve your performance, work is your number one focus, despite all the cards in place to rise up to fame. But you are somewhat not interested. Your satisfaction comes from knowing you delivered the fully satisfying results.

As much as you do strive for success and perfect results, you do have that firm value of others around you in you never to step on anyone’s foot to achieve the goals. You always look for ways that are beneficial to you but avoid hurting others in the process, as you want to feel like you deserve it.

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You are veery creative and really know how to inspire others around you, so in a way you will always look for ways to include others and count it into your accomplishments. But that is just the motivation that also brings you quite high accomplishments and success. And it is a way better approach to everything in life, much more than staring at conflicts, which actually you tend to avoid at all cost.

You have a great focus for things you want in life, and for that you will stand on your path with a solid resilience until you reach the goal and will not steer away from it no matter how hard it gets, even if your plans get threatened. You will rather resort to bluntness and just keep focus on the goals.

Later on in life you are much more interested in experiencing the world and travel. You start looking for a change in life, communicate more and just learn new skills and socialize. Take advantage of this turn out and just embrace it fully, as it will be positive and rewarding period in your life.

You naturally set very high standards for yourself, which is not a problem if you consider your high performance skills, but the thing is every raised bar can eventually lead to chasing after something much more than just success. Be realistic, do not make it an obsession. Your performance skills naturally bring the admiration of others, so no need to take it to the darker path.


You are one of those people who’s walls are up at all times, and it truly is very hard to get to you. But once that right person comes along, someone who can reach to you emotionally and support you through your insecurities as well as love you through all your difficulties of opening up, you do make a rather loyal lover, who appreciates the harmony in pairing as well as a steady life pace.


Try and balance your overindulging tendencies. Eating is for nourishing body purposes, indulging in overeating and addictive substances is not. So keep diet on schedule but make sure you take it as it should be taken, with a focus on healthy with many minerals and vitamins that will keep your immune system boosted and working. You will also benefit from regular exercise, and if you can do it out in fresh air it will be even more so beneficial, as you are in a need of fresh air, it will help your mind relax and replenish the body with fresh air to have a better boost for your active mind.


You have the tendency to always look for new knowledge, always improve, always go for a new depth within your field. With that said I suppose working for yourself is the first thing that comes to mind, as that way there is no limitations to how far or deep you wish to go with your success, so business or law would most definitely apply here. But with other fields as well art, sport, even acting would apply to you, as those are along your path considering your creative mind.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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