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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on April 21st

The astral sign of Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus – the lover, and the birth date ruler Jupiter – the philosopher, with birth stone of Emerald

You are a hard working individual, and you will push yourself to the brinks of your possibilities. And although trying to be faster or better than others is not at all your motivation, along the way you still inspire a person or three. You set your expectation bar quite high and most of the time you will achieve your goals, only thing that might of stand in your way would be something absolutely unexpected, as you do run down every possible scenario before you set on to reach your target.


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You always take time to listen to people and their different viewpoints, which does earn you positive points in their eyes. They perceive you as noble and loyal individual, who is very self-confident in their knowledge and approach. Your sensitivity plays a crucial role in all of this, as you know exactly how and when to listen and when to share your opinion with the world. But you also do have your voice to share as well, you are most definitely not afraid to share your opinion, but you will always find a very profound and positive way to do so.

However serious all the above sounds, you do have a great sense of how important it is to relax as well. And most of the time you will drag people with you, trying to relax them as well, making them laugh and promote positive interaction. You love the good things in life.

Your sensitivity does also have the down side to it, you are quite vulnerable to criticism. As a person who always wants to inflict positive thinking and behaviour on others as well as goes beyond yourself to make others always feel good when in your vicinity, you do not take it well when others burst that bubble you are so hardly trying to create for people. Of course later on in life that resilience does show up in your nature, and you become much more firm and strict about who you let around you.


You love the love. You always give to everyone, and in relationship there is no difference to you. But you do need to learn to be on both receiving and giving end at same time. You are very loyal and faithful lover and will give much to keep the love of the person you choose for your partner. But make sure you do not stay in a relationship that shows toxic behaviour for too long, as it can make you quite vulnerable and you do not like that. Again I will put emphasis on staying true to yourself and know that you must receive as much as you give to keep a good relationship going, whatever you do or don’t do, always stay in touch with your emotions.


Stick to healthy diet and food supplements such as vitamins and minerals to help balance your hormones, as well as plenty of moderate exercise to keep your body in shape, will benefit you long term, it will help your immune system to work impeccably and will give you stamina to run the social life you live with no hick-ups on health part. Do make sure you get plenty of fresh air and time in the nature, to keep in touch with your emotions as well as get much needed fresh breeze to help clear your mind.


You love tending for people and fixing their emotional downfalls, with that said, you may already know careers in teaching, coaching or consulting will be a great success for you. There is also an artistic side to you given the sensual side of you that needs expressing at times, but transformed into career it will also bring success as well, so you may find yourself in careers such as music, dancing, singing, writing or even acting.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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