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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on April 12th

The astral sign of Aries, ruled by the planet Mars – the warrior, and the birth date ruler Jupiter – the philosopher, with birth stone of Diamond

You are like this ultimate counsellor who knows how to get people to open up, it must be your remarkable listening skills and this charming way of twisting your own insecurities into ultimate jokes, which gets people even more relaxed around you. Believe it or not, this is a nice gift to them, to know they can and should rise above their own insecurities just like you do.

Your interest range is quite broad, so at times it feels like you want to know everything about everyone and everything, but when it comes to your own emotions you are really not as opened, in fact you are quite uncomfortable. You much rather keep your emotions out of the way disguising them with entertaining manner of getting people to talk about their own emotions, conflict and issues. But this ways of avoiding people when they want to discuss your emotions does cause tension especially with your loved ones, who are always just trying to have a decent conversation getting to know your depth. And yet you avoid it at all cost.

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You are always fluent in everything that is going on around you, and with your attitude of taking any situation as positive experience good for something, you always come out at the top, so learning experiences successfully completed in your book.

You love knowledge, you even find it the most precious thing this life has to offer. And your lure to observing people’s nature is absolutely in your favour when it comes to gathering new knowledge all the time. No matter how things turn in life though, make sure you always stay openminded and positive. Getting to know you and discuss your emotions would make your experiences and knowledge even richer, so allow yourself to share and let people closer to you. You should try and get do your own depth, who knows you may even find it even more inspiring than you knew so far.


I guess I could say you were born under a lucky star when it comes to love, as you go falling straight into the exactly right hole, the perfect situation. Just make sure you do not shy away from your emotions when you should be showing them and sharing them with your significant other. That will help you avoid unnecessary tension and help for a longer lasting partnership.


Healthy diet is important, you already know that, but see as much as you like to socialize in life, you make every event in life social, meals included, but in doing so, you sometimes forget food is to satisfy hunger not to indulge in it when you are overfilled. So keep your balance in meals and make sure you still do get regular exercise, which is important for your physical body. After all you need to stay fit and strong to keep up with your lifestyle. But all the socializing does add a downside to your overall health, as you need to focus on yourself as well in order to satisfy your emotions as well as clear your mind at times. Fresh air on daily basis for easier and good night sleep, which is absolute must with your lifestyle is very very important.


Your incredible communicative skills and the ability to get people to open up to you is a great predisposition to careers in journalism or reporting, scientist (research-your drive to investigate, knowledge chase), public relations, even politics. You do also have a great potential in business waters as you do think very innovative and are always up for a challenge.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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