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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on April 11th

The astral sign of Aries, ruled by the planet Mars – the warrior, and the birth date ruler Moon – the intuitive, with birth stone of Diamond

You are a very charming person showing people around you warmth and acceptance, no matter how strange or different their opinions are. You always take your time to see things in a different light, and than try and solve their situations and if needed mediate in conversations to avoid stress for yourself as well as others. It does not matter how stressful or different the situations you are faced with are, you will always see the bigger picture and try and fix the problems.

Your diplomatic skills come in quite handy in your life, as your always positive nature takes care of the positive vibe around you at all times, drawing people to you, and than your dedication to bring people to you and provide the support they need to form long term alliances makes for a plan put together quite brilliantly. You do make sure in your life both you and people around you can benefit from the best possible scenarios life has to offer.

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However put you most definitely are not attention seeker, you do not like to be the centre of action. Your tendency to bring people together is aimed at joined ventures that will benefit all of you. You like to be part of something, but most definitely not the main act of it. Your focus is always more likely on the actual project and work rather than how it looks to people on the outside, you just want the entire plan as well as people to be able to work together and understand the plan so everything can run smooth and harmoniously.

In private life however you may not be as diplomatic. I mean you have many admirers and you can with ease mingle in large groups, but to those that are close to you, like family members and close friends, you sometimes can be quite unresponsive and cold. As they don’t seem to get your attention much seeming you always look for new adventures in mediating rather than just enjoy the peace and quiet as well as loving company of people closest to you.

Of course later on in life you do tend to shift that attention and care less about the work environment and much more about your relationships with your loved ones. Which is to be expected, after all your lifestyle tends to calm down and you still have this urge to communicate and inspire people, which well is very beneficial for your overall growth.


You have a good number of admirers around you at all times, but you are a bit of a cold player, one would say you play hard to get, but the reality of it is you don’t play it, you actually are hard to get. You will avoid any serious relationships until that special person shows up that you really believe is right to try to jump in a relationship fully. You play it safe, but once you are involved in a serious relationship, you most definitely are a romantic and warm lover and absolutely loyal.


You should as every person on this planet always make sure to have a good intake of healthy and nutritious food. I don’t think what you are doing so far is wrong though, I think you are not at all prone to do anything excessive, so just keep up the good work, and maybe read up on what is more or less nutritious food to adjust here and there. The bigger problem is with your lifestyle tempo in your younger years, make sure you adapt to a healthy routine in terms of knowing when to stop and relax, it should be done on daily basis and just get out and get some fresh air every day, it is absolutely a great addition to healthy nutrition and benefits your lifestyle, as it also means you get regular exercise. I think emphasis here should be on getting enough sleep, so make sure you do know when to stop your mind and call it a day, and get some much needed relaxing sleep.


Helping others is kind of your call, and well you find it challenging and motivational, so careers such as negotiation (which is clearly your favourite thing to do as well as..) mediation and diplomacy, but also counselling, psychology or social work comes to mind for sure. You would also make a great judge with your ability to assess the situation and fix the problem to put it short. However your communication skills will serve you great in careers of marketing or management as well, in case you prefer business waters.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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