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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Repeatedly?

by | May 11, 2023

  • Dreaming about the same person repeatedly signifies your unresolved feelings about the individual.
  • To have recurring dreams of the same person can symbolize a spiritual or romantic connection.
  • Recurring dreams of someone could represent your thoughts and emotions in waking life.

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What does it mean when you dream about someone repeatedly? Some dreams leave an impact on our waking lives. Once we open our eyes in the morning, these dreams leave us with questions we try to answer.

Having recurring dreams about the same person is common, and they may be random dreams from our subconscious mind’s information processing. However, if they have an emotional impact on your daily life, try to understand the meanings behind these dreams.

In this article, we’ll explore the general symbolism of this kind of dream, as well as talk about common dreams of someone repeatedly, what they could mean, and how you can use these dreams in your waking life.

General Symbolism of Dreaming About the Same Person

Here are a few of the general symbolism of dreaming about the same person:

1. You Have Unresolved Feelings For The Person

Our subconscious mind is responsible for producing dreams when we sleep, and it processes information from our waking life and manifests them through dreams. When we constantly think about the same person, our subconscious is merely trying to make sense of these thoughts.

Therefore, if you have unresolved feelings for a particular person, they will often appear in your dreams. Unresolved emotions can include a romantic connection with the person, an argument you had with the person you repeat in your head, a repressed thought you have, and other emotions you failed to express to and about this person.

Talking to this person or managing your repressed emotions in real life might be a good idea.

2. You Have Unfinished Business With The Person

Unresolved feelings aren’t the only thing that will make you think of the same person repeatedly. Unfinished business can also be the cause.

Do you owe the person some money? Did you borrow something from this person, and haven’t returned it yet? Did you promise something to this person but haven’t fulfilled it?

If a person is at the back of your mind, they can also appear in your dreams repeatedly.

3. You Might Have a Romantic or Spiritual Connection With Them

A romantic or spiritual connection can also be the culprit. Twin flames are said to have unique spiritual relationships with each other, and they can be romantic or platonic.

If you met someone and were instantly connected somehow, it could mean the person is your twin flame, which is why you dream about them repeatedly.

4. The Person Represents Something Else In Your Life

The person you keep dreaming about may represent something you lack but wish to acquire. For example, you meet a millionaire and want to be as wealthy as this person. So you admire them and are inspired by them.

You regard this person as the epitome of wealth, so you have repetitive dreams about them whenever you think of saving, investing, or working to increase your income.

5. They’re a Manifestation of Your Subconscious

Some images we see daily are subconsciously recorded in our brains. Sometimes, we may not be consciously aware that we’ve seen this person.

One example could be dreaming of a clown but you consciously didn’t see a clown during the day.

However, you might have seen a magazine with an image of a clown, so you dream about it at night. You are surprised because you don’t remember seeing one. However, your subconscious mind recorded it in your memory, which could be one reason you dream about a clown repeatedly.

6. You’re Going Through A Similar Situation In Real Life

The person in your dream may be someone you relate to because you’re going through something similar. Your emotional connection with this person creates your bond, and whenever you go through something similar, you may think about this person, which can explain why you dream about them repeatedly.

7. You Might Have Gone Through a Messy Breakup

If you have a recurrent dream of your ex, it could mean you had a messy breakup. A messy breakup can tell there was cheating involved, a violent altercation, or extreme betrayal in the relationship.

These painful emotional experiences can stay with you even years after the breakup. You might have never processed the emotional pain, which may still be hidden within you, so you randomly have dreams about your ex, even when you didn’t consciously think about them that day.

8. They are Currently in Your Life, But You Don’t Want to Be With Them

You may dream of a person who’s in your life, but you don’t want to be with them because you’re constantly interacting with them in real life. This could be a colleague at work, a good friend, or an ex you’re still friends with.

You may also feel like someone likes you, but you know you don’t want them back. They may exhibit creepy behavior, and you feel threatened. Maybe you can’t confront them because they’re your boss or your friend’s family. However, their constant advancements may make you uncomfortable, so you constantly dream about the person.

9. You Have A Karmic Connection To The Person

Buddhists believe in reincarnation, and dreaming about a person repeatedly could be explained by a karmic connection. Maybe you have shared history with this person in a past life, and you’re dreaming about them after you’ve connected in real life.

10. The Person Is Gone, And You’re Processing Your Grief

The death of a loved one is traumatizing, and they leave immense emotional pain and longing. If you haven’t moved on from their passing, or you still miss them after some time, they may appear in your dreams constantly.

Don’t worry, as this can be a way for your subconscious to deal with the trauma of loss. Give yourself some time to grieve, but it must reach a point where you need to accept what happened and move on.

Common Dreams About the Same Person

In this section, we’ll delve deeper into more detailed dreams about the same person repeatedly:

1. Dreaming About the Same Person Romantically

Romantic feelings are strong and can cause you to think about the person constantly. Because our subconscious mind processes what we think and feel during the day, it’s not surprising that you’d be repeatedly dreaming about a crush or object of affection.

2. Dreaming About My Ex (former lover)

If you repeatedly dream about a former lover, it could mean you have unresolved issues with them. It could signify you still love, miss, or hate them. If you still have strong emotions for an ex, you may need to talk to them, seek closure, or let go of the longing or pain.

Abusive relationships can also cause PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and one of the symptoms is frequent nightmares. You relive the abuse in your dreams, which can negatively affect your waking life.

If you were abused and you experience constant nightmares of your ex, you need to seek the help of a therapist who can help you process your emotions and experience.

3. Dreaming About Someone You Are No Longer Friends With

If a former friend constantly pops up in your dreams, it may signify that you miss them. A friendship breakup can be challenging. You will miss the good times, the emotional support, and having someone to rely on. However, if the friendship was dissolved because of betrayal, you need to accept that it was for the better.

Dreaming about a person night after night after ending the friendship can feel like a breakup with a significant other, and sometimes, it can even be more painful.

You are still grieving the end of the friendship, and it’s completely okay to dream about them repeatedly. Just make sure to let the pain go once you’re done grieving.

4. Dreaming About the Same Person I’ve Never Met

If you’ve never met the person you constantly dream about, it could signify you want someone to come into your life with the person’s specific characteristics. You may desire to meet a particular soulmate or a mentor you’ve never met yet, but you have a solid need to attract them into your life.

5. Dreaming About the Same Person I Like

It’s completely normal to have recurring dreams about a person you like. Because they bring about positive emotions, you tend to think about them in your waking hours. Remember that our subconscious processes thoughts and feelings we have during the day and manifests them through our dreams, so it’s simply a representation of what’s inside your head.

6. Dreaming About the Same Person I Don’t Know

If you dream about someone you don’t know, it could mean they have a specific quality you admire. You may dream about a person who loves taking care of dogs or someone who’s a celebrity. You desire to be this person, so you dream about a person you don’t know but have qualities you want to emulate.

7. Dreaming About a Family Member

Dreaming of family members is also common, especially if you interact with them daily. However, if you haven’t seen them for a while and you constantly dream about them, it could be a sign that you need to reconnect.

Call your parents or siblings and schedule a time to get together. It could be a sign that you need them in your life right now.

A Word of Advice

If you constantly dream about a specific person, you must ask yourself what the person represents in your life. Pay attention to your current needs and emotional state.

Do you dream about an ex who never gave you closure? It may be time to call them and discuss what happened in your relationship. Do you have a boss that hurt you by insulting or berating you? Call them or send them an email telling them how you feel.

Unresolved thoughts and feelings can stay stuck in your subconscious mind for years. When they stay there without you managing them, they can manifest in your dreams, even years after the event.

We must process events that happen in our daily lives, or else they appear in places we least expect, such as in our dreams.

In the case of a bad relationship with an ex, a family member, a friend, or even a stranger, you need to process the emotions you felt with your interactions and relationships. Only when you’ve made peace with your feelings will these recurring dreams stop occurring.

As long as you’re not facing the emotions you keep bottled up inside you, they will keep appearing in your dreams. And you want to avoid that happening.


1. When you dream about someone, are they thinking about you?

It is a common belief that dreaming about someone means they are thinking about you, but no, this isn’t true. Your dreams are a product of your subconscious mind, not someone else’s.

2. Is it true that if you see someone in your dream, they miss you?

No, this is not true. No one else can come into your thoughts and cause you to dream about them. You can only dream about a person if you keep thinking about them and associating emotions when you do.

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