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What do Dreams About Pooping Mean?

by | Apr 7, 2023

  • Dreams about poop can mean many things, from unexpected money to healing and cleansing.
  • Pooping in a dream can also mean pleasure and satisfaction.
  • A dream about poop can be a good or a bad thing.

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When it comes to dreams, anything can happen. The most bizarre visuals, stories, and scenarios can occur in a dream, which is why dreaming of poop comes as no surprise to be a pretty typical dream.

If you wake up and remember a dream where you defecated in public or at a public restroom, you might wonder if the dream means anything. Well, it depends on a few things. What are the details of the dream, and how did you feel?

In this article, we’ll talk about the general symbolism of dreams of pooping and what specific poop dreams could mean for you.

General Symbolism of Poop in Dreams

Poop can be a strange thing to dream about. Still, according to Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis and one of the most famous psychologists to study dream interpretation, these dreams offer symbolic meanings.

Freud states that poop dreams can represent humiliation, financial worry, unsettled emotional issues, psychological baggage, and unexpected wins.
In Korean and Scottish folklore, poop dreams signify good luck. In fact, these dreams are said to be a sign of wealth and money. In Philippine folklore, if a bird poops on your head, money or good luck is about to come. So if you dream about poop, it is also considered a good omen.

A poop in a dream can be a good or a bad thing, depending on the specific details, but generally speaking, the following are the most common symbolism:

1. Wealth

Poop dreams are generally considered a sign of good luck and are believed to bring about unanticipated wealth and rewards. If you feel good in the dream, it typically means good fortune.

2. Vulnerability

Pooping in public or having other people outside the bathroom door can signify vulnerability and self-consciousness. People knowing you’re defecating can make you feel conscious, which may be expressed in your dream.

3. Cleansing

A bowel movement is physically getting rid of waste from your body. When it comes to a dream, it can symbolize physical and emotional cleaning in waking life. It is an act of release and letting go, so it can mean cleansing your soul.

4. Healing

Pooping dreams can also mean healing. When you defecate, you are getting rid of harmful waste in your body, and this can represent getting rid of negative emotions in real life. When one defecates after suffering from constipation, it usually means your body is finally healthy enough to have a proper bowel movement, representing good health.

5. Growth

Poop is known to be an excellent natural and organic fertilizer for plants, which means it can also symbolize growth. It can mean growth in your career, personal development, or relationships.

6. Pleasure and Satisfaction

The act of defecation can be pleasurable, especially when you’ve suffered constipation or when you’ve had an excruciating stomach ache. Poop dreams can also symbolize pleasure and satisfaction in real life.

7. Illness

Diarrhea and constipation are signs of poor health or a bacterial infection. Because of this, poop can also be a symbol of illness or negative energy, and it can be a bad sign if you feel negative emotions in your dream.

Your body may also show signs of an illness, but you’re in denial, so your subconscious mind tells you something’s wrong. This can manifest in a dream of feces that makes you feel sick.

The following section will discuss the standard interpretations of the most common poop dreams.

Common Dreams of Poop

Here are the most common dreams of poop and their possible interpretations:

1. Dream of Pooping in Public

Dreaming of pooping in public evokes feelings of vulnerability and humiliation. There could be a situation in your life where you feel shame and embarrassment and dream about pooping in public to express these negative emotions.

However, other interpretations of this dream include financial gains and business success. If you don’t feel ashamed in your dream, it could mean you’re not scared about other people’s thoughts of you.

2. Dream of Pooping Everywhere

As mentioned earlier, pooping can symbolize pleasure and satisfaction. To dream of pooping everywhere means you want to have this same pleasure and satisfaction in every aspect of your life. You desire the freedom to do whatever you want anywhere and everywhere.

3. Dream of Pooping on the Floor

Carl Jung said that dreaming of a building represents different levels of your consciousness. If you dreamed of pooping in the basement, that could mean different from pooping on the first and second floors, and so on.

If you pooped in the basement, this could mean you are giving in to your physical body’s desires, which means you seek physical pleasure.

Other interpretations of pooping on the floor could mean you are jealous of other people’s success, especially if you dream of defecating in a friend’s house.

4. Dream of Pooping in the Toilet

Dreaming of pooping in a toilet means seeking comfort in real life, and it could also mean you have already achieved the comfort you desire. To poop in your own toilet at home brings the most satisfaction, especially for people who avoid pooping in public or at a workplace bathroom.

5. Dream About the Toilet Overflowing with Poop

Overflowing poop in a toilet can mean overflowing money will come into your life, so you must prepare for it, or else it will go to waste. It can also tell you need to become more aware of your negative emotions before they become overwhelming.

6. Dream of Eating Poop

Dreaming of eating poop can be a sign of illness. Poop has a lot of bacteria, which can mean your body may have an infection. Other possible meanings include taking more interest in how you present yourself to others because it’s a sign that someone or something you do will ruin your reputation.

Look at your bad habits and negative behaviors because you might be eating problems you created in your waking life.

7. Dream About Pooping Your Pants

Dreaming of pooping your pants means you may feel inferior or humiliated in real life. You may have a presentation or job interview the next day, but you’re feeling anxious because you fear of being humiliated or rejected.

8. Dream of Wiping Your Poop

Wiping your poop in a dream can mean good luck. You’ve done your part, and it’s time to clean up because the rewards of hard work will come soon.

Another meaning is that you must cleanse yourself of your sins and mistakes before you wipe criticism on others.

9. Dream of Poop in Your Hand

If you dream of poop in your hand, it could mean you’re dealing with a problem that has become too much. Wiping the poop or cleaning your hands is not enough to eliminate the problem, so you need to do more or think of other strategies.

10. Dream of Baby Poop

Dreaming of baby poop and needing to change it can mean change and new beginnings. When a baby poops, parents automatically clean the baby and change the nappy. This can represent your need for a change in your life or you expect a major life transition to begin.

11. Dream of Pooping in Bed

Your bed is a place where you rest and you become intimate with your partner. If you poop on your bed in your sleep, it could mean you are angry with your partner and want to disrespect them, and it may also signify a problem in the relationship.

12. Dream of Cleaning Poop

Dreaming of cleaning poop can mean a cleansing of your soul. Cleaning something dirty, smelly, and disgusting can signify you’re removing bad habits and behaviors. It could also mean you’re trying to eliminate toxic people in your life.

13. Dream About Animal Poop

Dreaming about animal poop is said to be a sign of good luck. Dog poop symbolizes friendship and loyalty so you may seek this in your waking life. It can also mean wealth and happiness.

14. Dream of Bird Poop

The dream symbol of bird poop is money and good news. If you’re joining a competition, a dream of bird poop can be a sign that you will win.

A Word of Advice

The key to understanding the meaning of our dreams is observing the emotions we feel during the dream and when we wake up. When you dream of pooping, how does that make you feel? Do you feel good, disgusted, or satisfied?

Use your emotions as a barometer to understand your dreams. There are many possible interpretations in the case of pooping in a dream. Remember the details and how you felt and extract the meaning to increase your self-awareness.

You may be feeling shame at work or in your personal life, and you need to be more confident about yourself. You may need to be more conscious of your words and actions to wipe yourself clean and become a better person.

Or maybe you’re about to come into an inheritance or win the lotto based on folklore symbolism of poop.

Dreams can be random at times, not holding any meaning. But most often than not, they are mirrors of our souls, helping us better understand ourselves.


1. What does it mean to see feces in dream Islam?

Islam regards poop as symbols of impurity and dirtiness. This means they view feces in a dream as a sign that you need to cleanse yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually to achieve spiritual progress.

2. What does it mean when you dream about going to the toilet in public?

If you dreamed of going to the toilet in public and felt embarrassed, it means you feel shame, vulnerable, and humiliated in real life. If you like going to the bathroom in public, it means you don’t care about what other people think of you.

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