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What Does Flying in a Dream Mean?

by | Mar 15, 2023

  • Dreams about flying are primarily associated with freedom and independence.
  • Flying in a dream can have positive and negative meanings for your waking life.
  • Dreaming you can fly can be considered lucid dreaming, where you can control what happens in your dream.

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Man has always been intrigued with the ability to fly, and something about soaring high over the earth and defying gravity has made man desire this ability. Because of this, dreaming about flying can be exhilarating, joyful, and out-of-this-earth.

Most dreams about flying evoke positive emotions, but some flying dreams bring about confusion and fear, especially if it’s about falling when you fly.

What could this type of dream mean? Is your dream trying to tell you something? In this article, we’ll cover the general symbolism of flying dreams, the most common dreams about flying, and how you can relate them to your waking life.

General Symbolism of Flying Dreams

Dreams about flying are common among all cultures. Because it’s a typical dream, the variations of this kind of dream are extensive; there are dreams about flying like a bird, flying over your body, flying low to the ground, or flying a plane.

With many variations come many different symbolisms. In this section, we’ll cover two main symbolisms: psychological meaning and Biblical meanings of flying dreams.

Psychological Meaning of Flying Dreams

Psychiatrists believe dreams about flying are about ambition and can also mean the desire for independence. Two of Psychology’s most prominent names in psychoanalysis and dream interpretation have their takes.

Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, considered dreams about flying an archetypal cross-cultural dream. These dreams are said to be experienced by people anywhere in the world and throughout history.

Jung believes that flying dreams is an attempt by the psyche to create a balance in one’s life. Dreaming of rising above is a desire to feel powerful over the mundane thighs in life, and it represents one’s desire to feel good because real life bogs them down with mundane day-to-day problems.

Sigmund Freud, considered the father of psychoanalysis, is said to regard flying dreams with sexual energy. Freud considers flying in dreams to be a desire to release and experience pleasure that can’t be articulated in waking life.

Freud also linked flying dreams to memory recall, where adults remember emotions in childhood, where their parents or primary caretakers threw them in the air or rocked them as children.

Modern dream analysts, however, interpret flying dreams as representations of freedom and personal growth, signs of control and mastery, spiritual connection and new perspectives, and representing difficult situations in real life.

Biblical Meaning of Flying Dreams

Some scriptures in the Bible mention people flying or being given wings to fly, but not in the literal sense. Isaiah 40:31, for example, talks about the Lord giving believers wings like eagles.

Scriptures like this symbolize rebirth or renewal; thus, the Biblical meaning of flying dreams can be associated with these concepts. Other Biblical meanings of flying dreams include freedom, strength, hope, and having a heavenly mindset.

Dreams about flying are also believed to be God giving you wings so you can have greater strength to manage obstacles that come your way.

Common Dreams About Flying

Here are the most common dreams about flying and their interpretations. Though these may be the possible meanings behind these dreams, it’s important to note that accurate understanding relies on you.

The meanings of dreams are always personal depending on your current life circumstances, what emotions the dream triggered, and your personal history with the details of your dreams.

For example, you dream about flying a plane on your own. If you’re a pilot, you might feel good about the dream. But if you fear planes, this kind of dream may terrify you.

However, you can use these general symbolisms and ordinary meanings of flying dreams to help you better understand your dreams and apply the possible interpretations to your real life.

1. Dreaming of Flying with Wings

Dreaming of flying with wings can mean you desire freedom, but you need something to help you achieve this. This could be a new job opportunity, more money, or the help of other people. It is considered a positive dream that brings hope and new beginnings.

2. Flying like a Bird

Flying like a bird could mean you are finding new inner strength within yourself, and it could also mean optimism and a fresh start in life.

3. Dreaming of Flying in an Aircraft or Plane

If you dream of flying in a plane, you know where you are going. Riding a plane means heading to a known destination, and it can also signify having control over your life and the problems you may have.

4. Flying High or Low

Flying higher and higher can mean success and more freedom from obstacles. Flying lower can mean a decline in status or something is holding you back from making better progress in your career, business, or personal life.

5. Dreaming of Flying Without Wings

Dreaming of flying without wings can mean you can overcome adversities alone. You don’t need the help of others or any other tools to solve your problems because you have the qualities to achieve your goals.

6. Dreaming of Flying Over Water

Water symbolizes emotions in the spirit world, and flying over it can give you a good handle on your emotional state. If the water is turbulent, this can mean you are being detached from your inner turmoil.

7. Dreaming of Flying Through Space

Since space indicates detachment from the earth, dreaming about flying in space can mean you want to escape your real life. It can mean your problems or the mundanity of everyday life are bogging you down, and you want to be free from it. It can also mean you feel disconnected in your waking life.

A Word of Advice

To dream about flying can be both positive and negative; it depends on the details of the dream and your personal association with flying.

The general symbolisms of flying dreams are the desire for freedom, escape, and a new start in life. However, it can also mean detaching from your real-life problems and issues you need to address.

You need to assess your current emotional state to help you better understand what your flying dreams could mean. Are you happy in your real life? Is there something missing?

Carl Jung said flying in a dream means there are deficiencies in your life that you are trying to fill. Dreaming you can fly means you are compensating and finding a balance.

Try to assess your life right now and see what you desire. If you are working at a corporate job but your lifelong dream to be an artist is what you want, your subconscious tells you to find a balance between the two to achieve happiness.

The Biblical meaning is about rebirth or renewal. Try to reflect on your life, and maybe you want to say goodbye to your old habits and lifestyle. Are you addicted to alcohol or substance abuse? Maybe your dream tells you there is hope to detach from this life and start a new and more positive beginning.

Use these symbolisms and common interpretations to create the life you desire. Your dreams tell you to start doing something about it now before you become jaded of what life throws at you.

To dream you are flying represents freedom and personal growth. Now is the time to act.


1. What is it called when you fly in your dreams?

Flying in your dreams is considered a type of lucid dreaming, and it is a dream where you have control over what happens, such as where you fly, how high you fly, and so on.

2. How can I make my flying dreams more frequent?

If you want to dream about flying more often, try to meditate before you sleep. Imagine flying over the earth, flying over your body, flying with wings, and other scenarios. Feel the emotions that are triggered when you fly.

3. What does it mean if I am scared of flying dreams?

If your flying dreams evoke negative emotions, it could mean you fear something. It could mean you fear freedom and independence, or you fear you won’t overcome your problems.

4. Can I control my flying dreams?

Yes, it’s possible to control flying in dreams. In lucid dreaming, you can control what happens in your dream.

5. Are there any dangers associated with flying dreams?

More research is needed by dream researchers when it comes to the dangers of lucid dreamings, such as flying in your dreams. However, experts believe sleep disruption and mental health issues are the only threats.

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