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What Do Dreams About Fire Mean?

by | Jun 16, 2023

  • Fire dreams carry deep symbolism, representing passion, change, and spiritual awakening, or alternatively, destruction, chaos, and emotional upheaval.
  • Specific scenarios like personal or environmental fires in dreams can hint at personal transformations, concerns for loved ones, or shifts in home and work life.
  • Complex fire dreams involving dragons, fire and smoke, or water on fire suggest self-introspection, confronting hidden desires, and balancing emotions and rationality.

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Fire is one of the most powerful and primal elements in nature. It can create, destroy, purify, and transform. But what does it mean to dream about fire? Is it a sign of danger? A sign of passing? Maybe anger? Or maybe enlightenment? In this article, we will explore the general symbolism of fire in your dreams. We will address some common fire dreams and their interpretations. We will also look for a word of advice on how to deal with this kind of dream.

General Symbolism of Fire in your dreams

What is the spiritual meaning of fire?

Fire in spirituality is often associated with the divine spiritual, creative force of life. It symbolizes inspiration, enlightenment, and wisdom. It symbolizes cleansing and renewal, burning away the old and making way for the new passion, desire, love, and sexuality to come forward. It reflects your inner fire, motivation, and drive.

Fire can also hold a negative meaning in dreams. It symbolizes destruction, danger, anger, aggression, fear, conflict, and enemies. It also symbolizes chaos, recklessness, impulsiveness, instability, unpredictability, and lack of control.

The meaning of fire in your dreams depends on the context of the dream and the emotions in the dream. To figure out the meaning of the dream, you need to observe how the fire behaves, how it makes you feel, what it consumes, and what it leaves behind.

Common Fire Dreams

1. Dream About you being on fire

The dream about feeling yourself being on fire is common. It can symbolize different meanings, depending on how you react to the fire.

If you are calm and peaceful while on fire, it may symbolize that you are going through a personal transformation or a spiritual awakening, which you are accepting as your inner truth, accepting your becoming a new person.

If you are afraid or in pain while on fire, it may symbolize feeling overwhelmed by stress, anger, or guilt. You are burning yourself out with overthinking or overworking or consuming yourself with negative emotions, which may feel like someone or something is attacking you. It could just be an emotional attack, or it may well be a person in your real life that feels like they are overwhelming you with their pursuit.

2. Dream About someone being on fire

Dreaming about someone being on fire may reflect your feelings towards that person on fire in your waking life. If you care about the person or love them, it may indicate that you are worried about their well-being or safety. You may also sense they are going through a difficult time or a significant change.

If you don’t particularly like them or maybe even hate them, it may indicate you are angry at them or want to harm them, or even want them out of your life, because they may present an obstacle in your life.

3. Dream About the house on fire

Dreaming about your house being on fire may symbolize personal inclusion, meaning your home life, family, or identity. The house represents your security, stability, and comfort. Therefore, seeing your house on fire may symbolize a change in these areas of life.

You may feel like something is threatening your home or family or shaking up your sense of self. That may indicate needing to let go of parts of yourself or your life you are clinging to but does no longer serve you.

4. Dream About Forest Fire

Dreaming about a forest fire symbolizes your environment, your community uprooting, changing. Individually forest represents abundance, diversity, and self-sufficient growth. When you see a forest on fire in your dreams, it usually indicates seeing, maybe even witnessing parts of your abundance, and community, your inner growth being destroyed, lost, and experiencing significant changes. You may feel the connection with the outside world is changing for you.

With messages received as such, you may want to clear or declutter your life of distractions, obstacles, and clutter to allow new opportunities and possibilities to come in.

5. Dream About the Workplace on fire

Dreaming about the workplace being on fire symbolizes significant changes in professional identity, skill set, achievements, and responsibilities. There may be some challenges, difficulties, and changes ahead that may be affecting your work performance or reputation, or you may be under a lot of stress because of the unforeseen events pestering you in the area.

This kind of dream calls for a change in work situation or attitude to work. You may need to recenter and find purpose in what you do or want to do, maybe even find a new career path.

6. Dream About a fire-breathing dragon

Dreaming about a fire-breathing dragon is a very powerful omen. Just think of a dragon, a symbol of power, a fearless, mysterious force in life, ancient and magical. It may represent something deep as your subconscious mind or instinctive hidden desires that want to come to the surface. You may be challenged with confronting the side of yourself that you do not fully understand and are trying to suppress, but it wants to come out. It symbolizes rebirth, significant change, awakening, and transformation.

With this dream, the message is clear and calls for you to embrace this force of life waking up in you, face your fears, overcome the obstacles and unleash your full potential.

7. Dreams About Fire and Smoke

Dreaming about fire and smoke may symbolize the relationship between your conscious and unconscious mind, your reality and perception, or your clarity and confusion. In this aspect, the fire represents the visible force, the physical manifestation in your world, whereas the smoke is the passive, the invisible force that shifts around it. The dance of the two symbolizes your conflict between trying to manifest something and what is actually coming to fruition, the discord between the two.

It is time to pay attention to what you see and what you don’t see and find the balance between the two. Find the clarity in the vision and the truth. Release doubts and refocus to see through the smoke.

8. Dream about Water on Fire

Dreaming about water on fire is a symbol of the opposites in life. Water usually symbolizes the feminine side and intense emotions, whereas the fire represents the masculine side, the rational and active motion. In this dream, one is looking at how the two are out of balance, why they are merging, and should you perhaps be expressing both sides of the emotional aspects, thoughts and actions, passion and reason.

It dictates that you should look at your life and assess whether your perhaps rational approach to life needs more passion or vice versa, or your emotional conflicts need more reason and control.

A Word of Advice

Dreams about the fire can feel very vivid, intense, and memorable, as fire holds a lot of passion and emotion. They may have a deep symbolic meaning and give us a deep insight to a point of prediction. Dreams of such reflect our emotional experiences translated through our minds. Fire is passion, and passion is uncontrolled emotion, which means dreams of fire should be taken under consideration as they can be very deeply personal and reveal relationship challenges, inner battles, or even messages from beyond coming as warnings.

Nonetheless, remember that dreams are not judgments upon you but merely suggestions and invitations to look into what they point to. They are not telling or dictating your next move in life; they gently suggest potential.

Dreams have different intonations in messages, positive or negative, but never limiting; they should be considered helpful pointers to growth, subconscious insinuations to transformations, and nothing more.

There should be no fear of dreams; if anything, you should have a healthy dose of curiosity aimed at them, as they are a gift of the subconscious mind to help our growth and sometimes warn of wrong steps in life. But always keep in mind they are pointers, not facts.


1. What is the meaning of seeing fire in dreams in Islam?

Fire in dreams In Islam, religion symbolizes different meanings, which depend on the color, size, and fire behavior in the dream. Generally speaking, fire can symbolize guidance or even protection, but it also symbolizes purification if the fire is burning bright and is contained in a small size.
If the fire rages out of control and is dark in color, it symbolizes punishment, destruction, and hellfire.

2. What does dreaming of running away from the fire mean?

Dreaming of running away from the fire can symbolize something challenging in your waking life that you are trying to avoid, run away from because it is scaring you. You may even feel it is threatening to you, and you need to avoid it at all costs.

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