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What is Pyrokinesis? And How To Get Fire Powers

by | Feb 21, 2020

Fire is one of the four elements that make up matter. It is one of man’s most important discoveries and it’s unimaginable to think that we can exist without it. While fire is basically essential to human life, it can also cause devastating damage when uncontrolled.

Pyrokinesis is said to be the psychic ability to control or manipulate fire. Those who have this alleged ability are called pyromaniacs, or pyrokinetics, or firestarters.

But is it true? Can humans have the ability to actually control fire? Let’s begin by discussing the origins of pyrokinesis.

History of Pyrokinesis

The term “pyrokinesis” is actually a pretty young word. It was coined by world-renowned horror author Stephen King in his 1980 novel called Firestarter, which was later adapted into a film in 1984, starring the young Drew Barrymore.

King coined the term to signify its parallel to the world “telekinesis,” which is the psychic ability to move objects from a distance without touching them and using only the mind.

Likewise, pyrokinesis is then described as a form of telekinesis, but instead of objects, pyrokinetics have the ability to manipulate fire.

However, S.J. Joshi, an American writer and award-winning scholar known for his focus on the weird and the fantastic in his fictional stories, provided a more apt term, in the form of “telepyrosis,” which means the ability to set objects on fire from a distance.

Whether the correct term is pyrokinesis or telepyrosis, one thing’s for sure, humans have been amazed by this incredible power since time immemorial. The capacity to control such a strong and powerful source has been the subject of countless psychic experiments and investigations throughout the years.

The Most Popular Real-Life Pyromaniacs The World Has Known

Two of the most popular real-life pyromaniacs come in the form of an African-American from Paw Paw, Michigan, and a little girl from the Philippines.

In 1882, a local man from Paw Paw, Michigan suddenly created a stir when he demonstrated a strange ability to create fire. The man was William Underwood, who became a local celebrity after generating fire through his breath, and assisted by his hands.

He would breathe into a handkerchief, rub the handkerchief, and in seconds, the hanky would burst into flames.

However, it was later speculated that Underwood had hidden phosphorus inside his mouth, spit them into the hanky, and used the friction from rubbing his hands on the hanky to ignite the phosphorus.

The more recent story of a real-life pyromaniac came in the form of a 3-year-old girl who hailed from Iloilo City in the Philippines. The little girl was said to be able to predict fires, with exact details as to where, what time, and what the objects would be inflamed; be able to create fire by simply saying the word “fire”; and was said to be able to burn objects at will.

She became such a sensation that paranormal researchers and the media came to witness her said “ability.” Even the town mayor, the fire department, the police department, and media men from the nation’s capital, all reported to have first-hand experience of the little girl’s “powers.”Soon, the local priest from the Catholic church conducted an exorcism on the little girl as rumours had it her “powers” originated from dwarfs that lived behind their home, or that an evil spirit followed the girl around and was actually the real cause behind the child’s fire manipulation ability.

What Does Science Say About It?

In the scientific world, pyrokinesis does not exist. Period. Investigations have been conducted since the term came into mainstream popularity, but no one has ever proven to have the ability to create and manipulate fire.

However, many believe that if a person does demonstrate fire-bending abilities, it’s not because of psychic power or anything supernatural, but it’s because of a subatomatic element called “Pyrotron,” which is triggered when pyromaniacs transfer energy on objects.

According to parapsychologists, pyrokinesis also works by exciting the molecules of an object, speeding these molecules up, until their temperature is enough to spark ignition.

Whether pyrokinesis is real or not, it’s still safe to say that harnessing your inner psychic abilities can be a worthwhile endeavor if you wish to delve deeper into what your true potential is.

Can You Develop Pyrokinetic Abilities?

how to develop pyrokinesis

Every psychic ability can be harnessed. Each human being has dormant abilities inside of them that when practiced, can emerge into existence.

So whether you believe the capacity to manipulate fire can happen or not, if you have the desire and the commitment to try to harness this capacity, then it’s definitely worth the try.

But before you begin your journey to become pyrokinetic, there are a few things you need to know.

The State of Emotional Control Required for Pyrokinesis Practice

There’s a saying that goes, “playing with fire,” which means someone is doing something dangerous that can cause harm to them and the people around them.

Likewise, when you actually do play with fire literally, there’s always a danger that it causes you harm and the people around you. This means that harnessing your pyrokinetic ability can be a dangerous endeavour.

To reduce the risks associated with manipulating fire, you must have the emotional stability to control your emotions. When you manipulate fire, you will be using your emotions of anger and rage, which are dangerous emotions on their own. Match these emotions with actual fire, and the result can be catastrophic.

Therefore, you must first be able to control your emotions before you can have the ability to control fire.

The Basics: How to Begin with Pyrokinesis

1. Be Calm

pyrokinesis for beginners

You have to be relaxed and healthy before you start practicing. Because manipulating fire requires strength, time, and energy, you have to be in a state of good health. You have to have eaten well, rested well, and your mind clear and stress-free. Take care of your mind and body before you attempt to control fire.

2. Start with Small Objects

how to do pyrokinesis

You might want to start a fire that ignited a bonfire or maybe light your friend’s cigarette. Don’t go there first, otherwise, you’ll be frustrated and disappointed that you won’t attempt to continue practicing anymore. So start small, such as with a matchstick or a candle.

Pyrokinetic Exercises – 2 Steps Guide

Try these two exercises to begin your pyrokinetic practice:

1. Turning Off a Flame

pyrokinesis training

Step 1

Meditate for at least 15 minutes to calm your mind.

Step 2

Get a box of matches and light 10 matches placing them horizontally on the floor. Let them burn out naturally and observe the baseline where the matches stop burning.

Step 3

Light the rest of the matchsticks and place them on the floor. Watch the flames as they burn the matchsticks, and as they are near the baseline where the 10 matchsticks stopped burning, exert your mind to will the flames to become smaller and smaller until they burn out.

It’s completely normal that you won’t get this right the first time. The most important thing is you practiced your mind and your commitment to manipulate fire is practiced.

2. Lighting a Candle

pyrokinesis superpower

Step 1

Meditate for at least 45 minutes to calm your mind.

Step 2

Get a candle, place it in a room with no distractions, and light it.

Step 3

Focus intently on the fire, observe the way it’s burning the wick, the way it’s moved by the air, and how it dims and burns out when you turn it off.

Step 4

With the wick still emitting smoke, focus your attention on everything that’s happening with the candle and the burned wick. Slowly, with all your brain power and focus, imagine the wick slowly increasing in temperature, imagine the air around it getting warmer, until you ignite a light on the candle.

Like all skills, pyrokinesis takes practice. If you don’t get it the first time, you can always try again until you succeed in manipulating fire.

The Bottom Line

Pyrokinesis, contrary to what most people believe, is actually a powerful psychic ability that can help to control fire for the good. In the movie Firestarter, the young Drew Barrymore caused havoc with her abilities, but when practiced in the right hands, the potential to do more good than harm can be endless.

how to use pyrokinesis

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