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Spider Symbolism and Their Meanings in Spirituality

Aug 26, 2020

Do you need a push in your creativity? Or maybe you feel stuck in your life and don’t know where to go from there?

The Spider Spirit Animal is a fantastic animal guide to call when you need a boost in your creativity and need direction in life.

For many, the spider is a symbol of fear and your dark side.

Symbolizing creativity, femininity in its ability for creation, and also of your shadow self, the spider spirit animal provides us with guidance, assistance, and inspiration.

Spider as a Symbol of Creativity

The spider has been given credit for its ability to weave intricate patterns with its web, considered to be a miracle of organic engineering.

If you have the spider totem, you may have an affinity for creation, the ability to implement ideas and have the natural inclination to create solutions.

In several ancient traditions, the spider symbolizes the Mother, of strong feminine energy. In Ancient Egypt, the spider is associated with the Divine Mother goddess. And in some Native American Indian tribes, the spider is considered as the symbol of the creator of the world.

As a spiritual guide, the spider encourages you to look at a problem from different angles. When the spider weaves their web, they try different ways to create the perfect pattern. And in life, the spider teaches you to try different means to solve a problem. When one solution doesn’t work then try another to come up with the perfect web.

The spider inspires and assists you to become flexible and not be afraid to test out a new path or new way of fixing things, just like it creates intricate webs.

Spider Symbolism

The spider is a symbol of patience, creativity, feminine energy, weaver of life’s fate, and the shadow self.

Like the spider waiting patiently for her prey, the spider spirit animal teaches you to patiently wait towards a project that you are in the midst of completing, or an idea you’re trying to realize.

In terms of your life’s fate, just as spiders intricately weave a web, it helps you to take a look into your life as a pattern of puzzles. The spider is telling you to put these puzzle pieces together, crafting your own destiny. With the creative force that she’s giving you, the spider tells you to weave the designs of your life and fate.

Some also associate the spider with infinity. Since it has 8 legs and its body takes the form of the number 8, numerology suggests that the body and legs represent the totality of the beginning and the end.

When To Call On The Spirit of the Spider

You can call on the spider spirit animal in your life when you need to have more creativity, or when you need guidance on the direction to take.

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If you feel trapped, you can call on the spider to help you craft a new solution that will help you overcome a situation. Just like the spider recycles its web when it is destroyed and weaves it anew, you can apply this in your life by using circumstances to your advantage.

As the destruction of the web signifies a negative event, it teaches you to use negative experiences to your own gain.

What Does it Mean When a Spider Appears in my Dreams?

When a spider appears in your dreams, you need to pay attention to how you felt in the dream. Did you feel fear? Or did you feel enlightened?

When you killed the spider in your dream, it could mean that you are trying to kill a negative aspect of your life. If you felt good when you saw the spider in your dream, it could mean you are about to complete or execute an idea that you were holding off, or it could represent the aspect of your personality in line with your feminine energy.

If you felt fear, seeing the spider in your dream could mean that you are currently in the midst of a dark place in your life and that the spider is guiding you to create a new path or direction.

How Do I Know if the Spider is my Spirit Animal?

To determine if the spider is your spirit animal, observe how the spider appears in your life. Do you see spiders everywhere you go? Do you see it in your dreams often? Or do you have it as a pet?

Our spirit guides come and go in our lives and they appear for a reason. They could come to provide us guidance and assistance, or they could come to send us a message. Once we learn these messages and apply their guidance, they will go on and another spirit animal can come to our lives, or the spider can also come back when we need their help the most.

Totems are symbolic representations of your animal guide and they are the ones that stay with you for life. If you’ve always seen spiders all your life or there are spiders wherever you may be, it could mean that the spider is your spirit animal.

In Conclusion

If you believe in spirit guides, the spider spirit animal can be of great help to you. Even if it’s not your totem animal, you can still harness their symbolism and power to your advantage.

You can call on the spider animal to appear in meditation, in your dreams, or to see them in real life. When you need a little push in your creative energy or you to feel trapped and want a different solution to a problem, you can call on the spider spirit animal to help you in your life’s path.

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