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Owl Symbolism and Their Meanings in Spirituality

Dec 17, 2020

Have you been seeing the presence of an owl recently? Maybe you’re seeing an owl on TV? Or maybe in pictures, or you might have even seen an actual owl in real life?

Seeing an owl more often than not can be a message from the spirits. Animals have long been given symbolisms, as well as carriers of messages that warn you about a coming event, or simply as a message to remind you of a certain power or symbolism.

Whatever the meaning of the presence of an owl in your life is, it is time you pay attention.

What Does the Owl Represent?

Owls have long been associated with wisdom, knowledge, and intuition. In Greek mythology, the owl is associated with the goddess Athena, who is the virgin goddess of wisdom. In Roman mythology, the owl represents Minerva, the goddess of wisdom.

For native Americans, owls depict both good and bad omens. They believed that owls send messages of death, such as when an owl hoots, it is said to announce an impending death. They also believe that witches use owls to cast spells on people, or use them as a disguise to come and spy on them.

However, native Americans also regarded the owl’s powers as something that can bring them good luck. They would carve the image of the owl on totems to symbolize an owl’s ability to see through darkness, and thus, to help guide them through the night. They also associated the owl with knowledge and wisdom, often carving them on wood to help guide and assist them.

Owls have a very calm and inquisitive nature. They are nocturnal animals and often sit and observe the world around them. Because of this, they have long been associated with intuition and inner wisdom, and thus, the owl spirit animal is said to represent guidance and a higher state of mind.

Owls and Superstition

The owl has different symbolisms in many cultures. Because of its association with the night, most cultures view the owl as having a dark connotation.

One of which is that it is the Lord of Death, according to Aztec tradition. In Celtric traditions, owls have been associated with the message of an upcoming death. The Celts believe that if an owl perches on the window of a sick person, it is there to announce the coming death, or that it is there to collect the soul of the individual. In addition, they also believed that owls would carry the souls of the departed into the underworld.

In Chinese superstition, if an owl would perch on a government building, it meant that a public official would soon die.

Owl Symbolisms

As mentioned, owls symbolize knowledge and wisdom. When you see an owl, or if the owl is your spirit animal, it is associated with a deep introspection. It tells you to look within yourself and search for the answers you’ve been looking for.

Because of its association with intuition, seeing the owl may mean that you need to listen to your intuition and deeper wisdom to make decisions in your life right now.

The owl also symbolizes change. Many cultures view the owl as the symbol of death but this shouldn’t be taken literally in most cases. Death could mean the death of a behavior, the death of a job, relationship, or the beginning of something new.

When you see the owl, it could be a message of an upcoming event in your life that could spearhead a major change or transformation.

Additionally, because the owl can see in the dark, it also symbolises vision through illusions. It means you can see what other people might not see. You can see through someones’ real intentions, as well as to discern someone’s deceit or fraud.

What Does it Mean When You See an Owl in Your Dream

Many of the spiritual world’s means of communication with humans is through our dreams. This is because when awake, we are governed by our consciousness. When we dream, our subconscious is open, and it allows the spiritual world to gain access to your mind.

The spiti world, through the use of angels, guides, and animals, use our subconscious as a portal to send us messages.

Seeing an owl in our dreams could mean that the spirit world is telling you to pay attention and listen to your intuition. And because owls also represent wisdom and the ability to see through darkness, it could also be a warning about an impending threat or danger.

The Owl As A Totem

There are many ways to know what your spirit animal is. If you’re unsure, take a moment to remember instances in your life. In your childhood, did you often see owls? Or maybe you had children’s books that featured owl characters and illustrations? Are you attracted to the owl? Or do you have a strong magnetic pull to the owl?

If you are, then the owl could be your animal spirit guide.

If the owl shows up in your life quite often, it could mean that this power animal is your totem animal.

Because of the owl’s characteristics, features, and associations, having the owl as your spirit animal means that you have a strong intuition and deep inner wisdom. It means that you can usually see through people’s lies and intentions, and that you can see or discern what others usually don’t.

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One of the symbolisms of owls is that they see through the dark and it represents being able to see through illusions and have a better clarity about the truth. When you sense that something is off or you don’t like a person’s energy, it could be your owl animal guide telling you to trust your intuition and stay away from this person.

Your owl spirit animal could also be helpful in businesses, where you don’t feel 100% comfortable or confident with a business doing, so you have to listen to your inner voice when making these decisions.

Moreover, you also have a fascination for the mysterious, for the unknown, and if you have a strong desire to get to know something or someone, then your spirit animal is telling to do so, because it is your nature.

In Conclusion

Owls have always been a strong image and symbol since ancient times. Their commanding presence, and the wisdom they represent provides them a certain power unlike any other animal.

With the owl as your spirit guide, you must embrace your own inner wisdom in many aspects of your life. When you see an owl more often than usual, then it can be the spirit world’s way of communicating with you.

Listen to what the owl is telling you and embrace its symbolism to apply it in areas of your life that you currently need guidance or assistance in. Whether it be in your career, your relationships, or your inner understanding of yourself, let the power of the owl spirit animal guide you.

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