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How Does Orgonite Work

Jan 4, 2023

In many different civilizations and cultures all over the world, there are many names for universal energy, or what is known as life force. Some of the terms include Prana, Chi, Chakra, and in the research of Austrian psychoanalyst, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, this energy is called Orgone.

Orgonites are devices that are known to harness the power of Orgone. By using these devices, individuals can experience spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Orgonites are widely popular and used in many spiritual and alternative healing modalities, such as in Reiki healing, massage, crystal healing, and other alternative forms of non-traditional medicine.

So how do they work? The processes by which Orgonite works on the human body, as well as the environment will be further discussed here.

The Origins of Orgonite

In order to have a good understanding of how Orgonite works, one must understand what it is. An Orgonite is a device that comes in many shapes and sizes, such as a sphere, pyramid, scepter, tower, and many other forms.

It is made of an inorganic material, which is metal, and an organic material, which is resin. When these two materials are alternately layered, they form an Orgonite.

Orgonites were not originally made by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, but they were made after his death. Dr. Reich’s work on Orgone energy was banned by the US FDA in the 50’s, with the doctor sentenced to prison for violating the US FDA order, where he eventually died.

Orgone Healing Devices
Healing Device – Image source: Wikimedia

His original device was the Orgone Accumulator, which was a large box made of wood and metal. The patient would sit inside this box and experience the healing properties of positive orgone energy.

Orgonites are derivations of the Orgone Energy Accumulators, and they come in small sizes that a person can hold.

How Does an Orgonite Work?

An Orgonite works through the positive energy emitted by the alternating layers of metal shavings and polyester resin.

An Orgonite consists of 50% resin, and 50% metal. Resin is the inorganic material, while metal is the organic material. Inorganic materials that can be used can also include epoxy, while the metal can be aluminum, copper, iron, or steel.

These two materials are then melted and molded, creating a unique shape. Some makers of Orgonite add crystals to amplify the energies and benefits. Some popular crystals include clear quartz crystals, cornelian, lapis lazuli, and many others.

The alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials are said to produce positive Orgone energy. This positive Orgone energy is responsible for the improved immune system, healing of diseases, healthy well-being, protection from EMFs or electromagnetic fields, and other positive effects of Orgonites.

How Orgonites Make Use of Orgone Energy

Dr. Reich didn’t set out to revolutionize or discover the life force that existed in the universe. He was actually a prodigy of Sigmund Freud, who was his mentor. He was studying the physical effects of emotion on the body when he discovered Orgone. He was studying airborne microorganisms when he noticed that there was a particular radiation particle.

This particle is said to be similar to the particle of the rays of the sun. Upon further research, Dr. Reich was able to separate and inculcate this particle, which he then called “Bions.” When he would place cancer cells beside these “Bions,” it is reported that Dr. Reich found that the cells died.

He then coined the term “Orgone” to describe the energy that consisted of these “Bions,” and from then on, devoted his life to the work and research of Orgone Energy.

While doing further research, Dr. Reich likened Orgone energy to the universal life force that exists in the world. This energy is said to flow freely, providing us health, abundance, harmonious relationships, and all the good things in the world. However, traumatic experiences, pollution, chemicals, and negative experiences in our lives block Orgone energy from flowing freely, and thus, causing diseases, aggression, violence, and death.

He termed this process as “Armouring” which he likened to a knight. When a knight wears his armor, he can no longer move freely, constricting his movements. Dr. Reich likened “Armouring” to a flowing stream.

In its natural state, this stream has clean, free-flowing water and is abundant with life. However, when pollution, toxins, and garbage are present in this river, it stops flowing freely and becomes murky and stagnant. Living organisms start to die off, and the stream no longer becomes a stream, but a dirty, dead, and murky swamp.

Dr. Reich discovered that emotional trauma, negative experiences, as well as pollution, radiation, and exposure to chemicals bring about Deadly Orgone Energy into our bodies and lives. He likened this Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR) to be like the pollutants of the stream.

He thus decided that to get rid of this DOR, an Orgone Accumulator is needed to convert this deadly energy into positive Orgone energy, promoting healing, recovery, and overall well-being of the emotions, mental health, physical health, and spirituality.

When positive Orgone energy flows freely in our bodies and environment, it brings us optimum health. Orgone energy is not only reserved for humans but can also be applied to plants, animals, the earth, and essentially, all living things.

Orgonites, which are prevalent today, and found in metaphysical stores all around the world, work in the same way as the Orgone Accumulator. It works to absorb the negative energy from pollutants and trauma and converts them into positive Orgone energy, so we are healed and enjoy a life of quality and holistic well-being.

How Do You Use It?

Orgonites are small devices so it’s easy to use. You can place it in each corner of your house to emit positive energy, or you can place it on your desk at work for productivity. Or you can also use it as an aid for meditation.

Orgonites last long because of the resin, which can last up to 50 years without damage. As long as you take care of it, it will last for many years.

Unlike crystals, Orgonites can still work even if you don’t cleanse or charge it, but if you want to harness their authentic power, cleansing and charging can help to amplify the energies produced.

If crystals are placed inside, then the crystals will need frequent cleaning and charging. Cleansing can be as simple as washing the Orgonite under running water, and charging can be as simple as placing it under direct sunlight for at least 15 minutes.

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What are the Physical Effects of Orgonite?

Because the study of Orgone energy is dubbed pseudoscience, there hasn’t been a lot of interest in the scientific community to conduct experiments and studies on the matter. Therefore, scientific evidence of Orgonites’ benefits is non-existent.

However, based on Dr. Reich’s research and from 20th-century practitioners, the presence of an Orgonite can bring about different sensations to the physical body. A tingling sensation to the skin is said to be felt, or certain warming of the body. Heart rate is also said to stabilize, and you can feel peace and a higher frequency radiating around you.


In a nutshell, Orgonites work through the alternating layers of metal and resin. This combination is said to emit positive Orgone energy, which is said to promote healing of the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical levels.

This combination is also said to protect against EMFs or electromagnetic fields, which can cause diseases, anxiety, depression, change in behavior, and stress.

Absorbing Deadly Orgone Energy and converting them into positive energy is the primary work of Orgonites. Deadly Orgone Energy can take the form of EMFs, chemicals, toxins, pollutants, and traumatic experiences.

By absorbing this negative energy and turning them into positive energy, Orgonites are able to bring healing, overall well-being, and a life of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health.

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