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Full Moon in September 2024 – Corn Moon

by | Apr 22, 2024

Date and Time of the ninth full moon of 2024 :

Full Moon Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2024
Peak Illumination: 10:34 p.m. EST
Name: Corn Moon

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The Full Moon in September is traditionally known as the Corn Moon, marking a time when corn is typically harvested. In 2024, this lunar event will offer a unique spectacle for skywatchers.

Illuminating the night sky on September 17th, the Corn Moon will reach its peak at 10:34 pm EST, according to timeanddate.com.

Notably, this Full Moon will coincide with the autumnal harvests and is characterized by various names based on different cultural contexts.

Observing the Corn Moon allows one to witness the intricate dance between celestial bodies and Earth’s seasonal cycles. The event holds both astronomical significance and cultural weight, reflecting the time-honored traditions associated with the harvest season.

The visibility and scheduling of the Corn Moon will vary based on location and local weather conditions. This makes it advisable for enthusiasts to verify the timing with local astronomical resources to ensure the best observational experience.

Key Takeaways

  • The Corn Moon in September 2024 signifies the traditional agricultural harvest period.
  • Peak illumination occurs on the 17th at 10:34 pm EST, visible if weather permits.
  • The event is important for its cultural associations and astronomical positioning.

Corn Moon Scheduling and Visibility

corn moon

The Corn Moon in September 2024 is a noteworthy celestial event, as it not only marks the traditional time of harvesting corn but also aligns with the lunar calendar to provide a spectacular view for onlookers.

Date and Time

The Corn Moon will reach its full phase on September 17, 2024, at 10:34 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). This corresponds to the following day, September 18, at 02:34 Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

Global Visibility and Time Zones

Viewers around the globe can experience the Corn Moon, but the exact visibility times will differ based on one’s time zone and latitude.

For those residing on the East Coast of the United States and within the Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) zone, the full moon will be visible on the evening of September 17. Conversely, viewers west of the East Coast will observe the moonrise earlier due to their respective time zones.

  • Eastern United States (EDT): September 17, 10:34 pm
  • Central United States (CDT): September 17, 9:34 pm
  • Mountain United States (MDT): September 17, 8:34 pm
  • Pacific United States (PDT): September 17, 7:34 pm

Peak Illumination Timings

The moon reaches its peak illumination at the aforementioned time. However, the best visibility near the horizon generally occurs shortly after moonrise when the moon is low.

This time can vary slightly depending on one’s geographical location, but typically occurs within minutes of the official full moon time. Observers should find an unobstructed view of the eastern horizon to optimize their viewing experience.

Astronomical Significance

full moon in september

The September 2024 Full Moon, known as the Corn Moon, holds a particular place in the celestial calendar. It marks a period of astronomical events that closely correspond with the Earth’s lunar phases.

Lunar Phases and the Corn Moon

how many moon phases are there

In September 2024, the sequence of lunar phases begins with the New Moon on September 1st, segueing into the First Quarter on September 9th.

The Full Corn Moon is set to illuminate the sky on September 17th at precisely 10:34 PM EST, as detailed on timeanddate.com. This marks the midpoint of the lunar month.

Following this, the Last Quarter will occur on September 25th, completing the cycle of phases for September’s lunar month.

Each phase—New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, and Last Quarter—occurs approximately one week apart during a lunar month. This culminates in a full cycle that spans about 29.5 days.

The Full Moon phase signifies the moment when the sun fully illuminates the Moon’s Earth-facing side, making it appear as a perfect circle in the sky.

While full moons are a monthly occurrence, the Corn Moon is one instance where the moon’s cultural significance aligns with the agricultural calendar, marking the time traditionally associated with the harvesting of corn.

It’s worth noting that while the Harvest Moon occurs in September in some years, it may happen in October in others. The defining element of the Harvest Moon is its proximity to the autumnal equinox.

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It is also important to clarify that a Blue Moon is not expected in September 2024. This term refers to occasions when there are two full moons in a calendar month or the third full moon in a season with four full moons, which is not the case in the month in question.

The Full Moon Schedule for lunar phenomena provides insight into the rhythm of the Moon’s appearances and the cultural and agricultural practices shaped by these celestial events over millennia.

The September Full Moon is particularly noteworthy for signaling the peak harvest period.

Even though the term “supermoon” is not structurally defined within the astronomical community, EarthSky notes that the September 17-18 Full Moon in 2024 is described as a “super Harvest Moon.” This means it appears more significant due to being closer to the Earth in its orbit, adding a potential visual spectacle to its significance.

Cultural and Historical Aspects

full moon september meaning

The September Full Moon is culturally significant and intertwined with agricultural practices and folklore. It’s traditionally known as the Corn Moon, a name reflecting the time for harvesting corn in many Native American tribes.

Naming of the Corn Moon

The Corn Moon is a term that originated from the Native American practice of naming each full moon to reflect seasonal activities.

September’s full moon is associated with the harvesting of corn, a staple crop. Colonial Americans also adopted This Nomenclature, integrating Native American terms into their own calendar system.

Native American Influences

Native American tribes used the lunar calendar to track the seasons. Each of the 12 full moon names was attributed to seasonal changes and related activities.

The Harvest Moon, which has been another name for the Corn Moon for some years, highlights the importance of this time for gathering ripened crops. Similarly, other full moon names, like the Sturgeon Moon in August or the Beaver Moon in November, signal specific natural events or social activities.

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Global Interpretations of the September Full Moon

Globally, the full moon of September carries different meanings.

In Britain, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic traditions named it differently, and in contemporary times, some neo-pagan traditions may refer to it as the Barley Moon.

The Chinese, Vietnamese, and some East Asian cultures celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival, which often coincides with the full moon in September. However, it is not directly related to the Corn Moon.

It is a time of feasting, moongazing, and honoring family unity, with a rich history independent of Native American influence.

Observational Details

september full moon name

Astronomers and skywatchers anticipate the Full Corn Moon in September 2024 with great interest. This section provides specifics regarding optimum viewing times, moonrise and moonset schedules, and the moon’s influence on natural phenomena such as tides.

Best Times for Viewing

The Full Corn Moon will reach its peak illumination on September 17, 2024. For the best visibility, observers should look to the sky when darkness falls on that night.

The moon will be positioned high in the sky throughout the night, offering an excellent opportunity for viewing.

Moonrise and Moonset Times

In September 2024, the moonrise and moonset times will vary based on the observer’s location.

For example, in Greenwich, London, the Full Corn Moon is slated to rise at approximately 7:45 PM local time on September 17th and will set the following morning around 06:50 AM.

Local astronomical resources should be consulted to ensure precise times for a specific location.

Impact on Tides and Natural Phenomena

The moon’s orbit and its position in the sky significantly affect Earth’s tides.

The gravitational pull during a full moon, especially near perigee — as a supermoon — can result in exceptionally high and low tides, known as spring tides.

Furthermore, the moon’s position in Pisces, an association with water, could further accentuate tidal responses due to the ecliptic alignment during the lunar cycle.

Seasonal Changes and Effects

when is full moon in september

In September 2024, the full moon known as the Corn Moon signifies a period of transformation in the northern hemisphere. It marks the transition from summer to fall and highlights the agricultural importance of this time for farmers.

Transition to Autumn Equinox

As the Corn Moon rises, it ushers in the transition to the autumn equinox, where day and night are approximately equal in length.

This equinox, occurring around the 22nd or 23rd of September, heralds the official start of the autumn season.

During this period, temperatures gradually decrease, and the environment changes as deciduous trees begin to display their vibrant fall colors.

Agricultural Implications of the Harvest Moon

The September full moon is often called the Harvest Moon because it occurs during the peak harvesting season for many crops.

This moon provides valuable extra light for farmers, allowing them to work late into the night to harvest crops such as corn at its peak maturity.

It directly affects farming practices, as it enables extended work hours and helps in the timely clearing of fields before the onset of the harsher conditions of fall and winter.

Scientific Exploration and Events

when is september full moon

September 2024 offers a noteworthy period for astronomical events, particularly those involving the moon. Observers can anticipate a conjunction with Jupiter and a superbly dynamic lunar display, including a lunar eclipse and supermoon.

Lunar Eclipses and Special Moon Events

During September 2024, an intriguing lunar event unfolds. The Corn Moon arrives in conjunction with a partial lunar eclipse. This event marks it as a full moon and a supermoon, meaning the moon is at one of its closest points to Earth in its orbit, making it appear larger and brighter.

This specific full moon and eclipse are expected to occur on September 17-18, adding a particular highlight to the 2024 moon phase calendar.

Astronomical Observations in September

The September skies bring more than just dynamic moon events. Early in the month, skywatchers should look for the moon’s and Jupiter’s close approach. This event, where Jupiter and Moon appear close to one another in the sky, is engaging for amateur and seasoned astronomers.

Observers can use a telescope or even binoculars to witness the gas giant’s prominent bands and moons. Remember, astronomical events and appearances may vary slightly depending on the observer’s location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

when is the full moon in september

The Corn Moon is a unique full moon that piques the interest of many due to its astrological significance and traditional celebrations. Here are answers to some common questions surrounding this event.

1. What is the significance of the Corn Moon in astrology?

In astrology, the corn moon is often seen as a time of fruition and abundance. It’s considered a period when individuals should focus on harvesting the fruits of their hard work, reflecting the agricultural harvesting of corn.

2. How can one perform a ritual during the Corn Moon?

A ritual during the Corn Moon may involve setting up an altar with harvest symbols, such as corn or other grains, and reflecting on personal growth and achievements. Lighting candles and offering thanks can also be a part of the ritual.

3. What are the traditional meanings associated with the Corn Moon?

Traditionally, the Corn Moon is associated with the harvest of staple crops like corn. It symbolizes the culmination of efforts, sustenance, and preparation for the coming winter months.

4. When can we see the Full Corn Moon in September 2024?

The Full Corn Moon in September 2024 will be visible on Tuesday, September 17, 2024, at 10:34 PM EDT.

5. What is the difference between a Harvest Moon and a Corn Moon?

The Harvest Moon is the name given to the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, which can occur in September or October. The Corn Moon is a specific name for the full moon that occurs in September, typically coinciding with the time for harvesting corn.

6. Are there any specific celebrations or traditions related to the Corn Moon?

There are no widely recognized celebrations or traditions specifically for the Corn Moon. However, various cultures may have their unique ways of acknowledging this time.

They often do so with gratitude for the bounty and embracing themes of abundance and preparation for winter.


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