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Full Moon in October 2024 – Hunter’s Moon

by | Apr 23, 2024

Date and Time of the tenth full moon of 2024 :

Full Moon Date: Thursday, October 17, 2024
Peak Illumination: 7:26 a.m. EST
Name: Hunter’s Moon

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The Full Moon in October 2024 is set to offer a spectacular night sky display as it assumes its position as the Hunter’s Moon, a term steeped in tradition, lore, and astronomy.

With its peak illumination slated for October 17, 2024, at 7:26 a.m. Eastern Time, this lunar event will be the first full moon after the Harvest Moon and the one closest to the autumnal equinox. It will mark a period historically associated with hunting and preparing for the winter months ahead.

Understanding the Hunter’s Moon goes beyond simply marking it on the calendar. It involves delving into its origins, which are tied to practical and cultural practices from different times and cultures worldwide.

The moon has always played a crucial role in agriculture and hunting cycles, serving as a guide for ancient societies.

Technological advancements today allow for precise astronomical observations, making planning for the event easier and appreciating its significance in modern society.

Key Takeaways

  • The Hunter’s Moon is the full moon following the Harvest Moon, closest to the autumn equinox.
  • Traditionally, it signifies the time to hunt in preparation for the upcoming winter.
  • Its occurrence provides an opportunity for culturally rich observations and festivities.

Hunter’s Moon Scheduling and Visibility

full moon in october

The Hunter’s Moon is a significant annual event for stargazers and those attuned to the lunar calendar. In 2024, this full moon will have precise scheduling and visibility parameters, making it accessible to various regions of the world.

Date and Time

The Hunter’s Moon in 2024 is scheduled to occur on October 17. The exact time of the full moon will be 7:26 a.m. Eastern Time (ET).

This is the collective moment when the moon transitions into its full moon phase, although the specific appearance may vary depending on the observer’s location.

Global Visibility and Time Zones

Visibility of the full moon in October will extend across the globe, with times differing by time zone.

In the Northern Hemisphere, including North America and Europe, the moon will be full before sunrise on October 17.

In contrast, the Southern Hemisphere will witness the moon reaching peak fullness during evening hours.

The following table outlines visibility times for various time zones:

Time Zone Visibility Time
Eastern Time (ET) 7:26 a.m. October 17
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 11:26 a.m. October 17
Eastern Australian Time (AET) 9:26 p.m. October 17


Global timings are important for those planning to observe this lunar event, as they indicate the ideal moment to witness the moon at its most glorious.

Peak Illumination Timings

The moment of peak illumination is when the Hunter’s Moon appears brightest in the sky.

For the Hunter’s Moon in October 2024, this moment is the same as the full moon phase – 7:26 a.m. ET on October 17.

Each geographic location will experience this peak at a corresponding local time, making the experience unique to each viewer’s setting.

Origins of the Hunter’s Moon Name

when is the october full moon

The Hunter’s Moon is steeped in history. Its vocabulary is derived from a combination of traditions and practices tied mainly to the time of year when the full moon appears.

Cultural Significance

The term Hunter’s Moon originated in the Northern Hemisphere. It is traditionally associated with the time when deer and other game animals were most readily spotted and hunted.

Hunting was an essential method of stocking food reserves in preparation for the winter months. During this period, the moon provided extended light in the early evening, which hunters could take advantage of.

Native American Influence

Many Native American tribes named the full moons yearly to keep track of seasons.

The Hunter’s Moon was no exception, embodying the confluence of seasonal hunting activities with nature’s cycles.

Algonquin Tribes and the Hunter’s Moon

The Algonquin tribes, in particular, had a profound connection to nature’s cycles. They often named the moons based on the characteristics of the corresponding month.

The Hunter’s Moon was also known by other names, such as the blood moon, falling leaves moon, or sanguine moon. These names illustrate the season’s activities, like hunting, and the changing environment, such as the shedding of leaves.

Other names, such as the drying rice moon, travel moon, and seed fall moon, highlight aspects of this period important to their culture, further emphasizing the moon’s influence on their agricultural practices and nomadic movements.

Hunter’s Moon and Moon Phases

when is the full moon in october

October’s Full Moon, which is anticipated to occur on October 17, 2024, is often referred to as the Hunter’s Moon.

This phase marks an essential period in the lunar month when the Moon appears fully illuminated from Earth’s perspective.

Understanding the lunar cycle and its phases provides insight into why this occurrence is significant in the calendar year.

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The Lunar Month

A lunar month, roughly 29.5 days, represents the time for the Moon to complete one full cycle of phases from the new to the new moon.

The period is significant for various cultural and agricultural practices around the world.

Full Moon Calendar

Full moons are a notable part of the lunar calendar as each one tends to have specific names and cultural significance based on the time of year it appears.

In 2024, the Hunter’s Moon will allow sky-gazers to observe the natural rhythm of the lunar cycle during the month of October.

  • Moon Phases in October 2024

The Moon’s behavior in October 2024 unfolds in a predictable pattern explained by its phases:

Date Phase
October 8 New Moon
October 15 First Quarter
October 17 Full Hunter’s Moon
October 24 Last Quarter


This table represents the moon phases in October 2024. The Hunter’s Moon appears mid-month, following a traditional pattern of full moons serving as timekeepers throughout the year.

Astronomical Observations

october full moon name

The October 2024 Full Moon, also known as the Hunter’s Moon, is a fascinating event to behold. Its peak illumination occurs on a specific day, offering viewers optimal brilliance under suitable conditions.

Peak Illumination

The Hunter’s Moon of October 2024 will reach its peak illumination on Thursday, October 17th.

At precisely 7:26 AM Eastern Time, or 11:26 AM Universal Time, the Moon will be fully illuminated, displaying its celestial grandeur in full splendor.

This timing is ideal for observers as the event provides an early morning spectacle for those in the Eastern Time zone.

Viewing Conditions

Several factors, including weather, location, and light pollution, can influence viewing conditions for the Hunter’s Moon.

For optimal viewing, observers should seek areas with clear skies and minimal artificial light.

Those in rural or remote areas are more likely to experience the event in full glory. Urban dwellers, however, may find it beneficial to travel away from city lights to appreciate the Moon’s peak brilliance.

Cultural and Ritual Significance

full moon october astrology

The Hunter’s Moon of October 2024 is a poignant symbol for various cultural and spiritual traditions, influencing practices from agricultural to mystical observances.

Pagan and Wiccan Traditions

In Pagan and Wiccan circles, the Hunter’s Moon is intrinsically linked to the seasons and cycles of the Earth.

It is often called the Seed Moon, marking a period for internal growth and the planting of ideas.

Rituals during this time focused on personal reflection and communication with the spiritual realm.

Pagans celebrate the Hunter’s Moon as a time to reap what has been sown throughout the year, especially since it closely follows the fall equinox.

Agricultural Practices

Agricultural communities have historically synchronized their harvesting schedules with the lunar calendar.

The Hunter’s Moon provides ample moonlight, extending the day’s light and aiding farmers in harvesting crops before winter.

Traditional lore often cites this period as crucial for preparing winter stores, resonating with the hard work of harvesting season.

Hunting Season and the Autumn Equinox

The Hunter’s Moon is historically tied to the preparatory period before the onset of winter.

With the passing of the autumnal equinox and the days becoming shorter, the moon historically provided extended light for hunting game, vital for communities’ sustenance.

Indigenous peoples such as the Ojibwe and Cree have their interpretations of this period, often associated with specific wildlife behaviors and the changing environment.

Full Moon Influence on Life

october full moon eclipse

The Full Moon’s appearance coincides with traditional agricultural timelines and wildlife activity.

Its illumination often marks a period of increased activity and has various effects on agriculture and wildlife behaviors.


During the Full Moon in October, commonly referred to as the Hunter’s Moon, farmers often work late into the night to harvest crops by its light.

Particularly, crops like ripe corn, harvested around this time, benefit from the extra visibility, as do the gathering of nuts, which are typically ready for collection.


The Hunter’s Moon influences the behavior of wildlife, especially deer, who are more active in the cooler evening hours.

This increased visibility at night assists hunters and predators in spotting animals foraging for fallen nuts and other foods, contributing to this moon phase’s moniker.

Hunter’s Moon Across Different Cultures

full moon october meaning

The Hunter’s Moon has a rich tapestry of interpretations and significance that vary across various cultures and traditions. This full moon’s impact is observed in its naming, agricultural practices, and spiritual activities.

Algonquin and European Perspectives

The term “Hunter’s Moon” is traditionally attributed to the Algonquin tribes of North America. They named it so because the full moon provided extra light for hunting prey in preparation for the oncoming winter. For many Native Americans, this time was crucial for gathering meat for survival during the colder months.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the European naming convention also drew on the natural world, though the context differed.

In Europe, it was a time when the harvest season was ending, and hunters could easily spot animals foraging for fallen grains. This shared emphasis on hunting highlights a universality in human reliance on the environment for sustenance during this time of year.

Harvest Moon in Different Traditions

Although the Hunter’s Moon often follows the Harvest Moon, which is celebrated in September, traditions around the Harvest Moon vary.

The Cheyenne and Dakota tribes are known to have celebrated the landscape’s changing colors, incorporating them into their lunar labels, denoting significant seasonal shifts.

In colonial American lore, the October full moon signified the time to gather crops and prepare for winter, weaving the moon into the agricultural cycle.

Neo-pagan traditions sometimes align the Hunter’s Moon with rituals that honor the cycle of life and death, reflecting the natural change during autumn.

Conversely, in the Southern Hemisphere, where the seasons are reversed, names for the October full moon relate more to spring, such as those used by the Haida tribe, ranging from “Egg Moon” to “Fish Moon,” reflecting the abundance typical of springtime.

Astronomy Events Coinciding with Hunter’s Moon

hunters moon

The Hunter’s Moon of October 2024 offers a spectacular astronomical event, notably a Super Moon, alongside other intriguing lunar phenomena observed yearly.

Super Moon Phenomenon

The October 2024 Full Moon will appear as a Super Moon, which is when the moon is at its closest to Earth in its orbit, making it appear larger and brighter in the sky.

On October 17, at 11:26 GMT (6:26 a.m. EST), stargazers can witness this biggest and brightest Super Moon in 2024.

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Practical Tips for Moon Observation

Observing the moon can be a rewarding experience when done correctly. Here are practical tips that focus specifically on the best times to catch the moonrise and moonset during the Hunter’s Moon phase in October 2024.

Best Times for Moonrise and Moonset

To ensure optimal observation of the Hunter’s Moon, one should know the exact times for moonrise and moonset. These times can vary depending on one’s location.

  • Moonrise: The moon typically rises in the east around sunset. For the Hunter’s Moon in 2024, the moonrise on the East Coast of the United States is expected to take place just as twilight begins to fade on October 17th. This usually provides ample moonlight for observers and is often the best time to experience the full visual impact.
  • Moonset: Conversely, moonset occurs in the west around sunrise. During the Hunter’s Moon phase, those looking to catch a glimpse before dawn will likely find the moonset’s soft glow diminishing as the morning light increases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Hunter’s Moon has long been a subject of folklore, astrology, and spiritual practices. This section addresses some of the most common inquiries about the traditions and interpretations associated with the Hunter’s Moon.

1. What rituals are traditionally performed during the Hunter’s Moon?

Traditionally, the Hunter’s Moon is a time for preparing for the upcoming winter. It historically marks the time when hunters would stock up on game to last through the colder months.

Various cultures might engage in rituals of gratitude, celebration of abundance, and preparing for change.

2. How does the Hunter’s Moon influence one’s horoscope?

Astrologically, the influence of the Hunter’s Moon on one’s horoscope depends on its placement within the zodiac and the individual’s birth chart. This full moon often emphasizes preparedness, bounty, and balance between light and dark.

3. What is the spiritual significance of the Hunter’s Moon?

Spiritually, the Hunter’s Moon is viewed as a powerful time for release and preparation for transformation. Many believe it is a period to rid oneself of things that no longer serve one’s life purpose and to set intentions for the future.

4. What is the difference between a Hunter’s Moon and a regular full moon?

The Hunter’s Moon is the full moon following the Harvest Moon, the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. The name originates from the fact that this moonlight traditionally gave hunters more time to hunt in the evening and also marked the time to begin preparing for winter.

5. Will the Hunter’s Moon in October 2024 be considered a supermoon?

The Hunter’s Moon in October 2024 will indeed be considered a supermoon. This means the full moon will be at its closest approach to Earth in its orbit, appearing larger and brighter in the sky.

6. How can one leverage the energy of the Hunter’s Moon in astrology practices?

In astrology practices, the energy of the Hunter’s Moon can be harnessed by focusing on goals related to self-sufficiency, resourcefulness, and clear-sightedness. This period invites introspection and planning.

During this time, aligning actions with the broader visions for one’s future is also encouraged.


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