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Full Moon in November 2024 – Beaver Moon

by | Apr 24, 2024

Date and Time of the eleventh full moon of 2024 :

Full Moon Date: Friday, November 15, 2024
Peak Illumination: 4:29 p.m. EST
Name: Beaver Moon

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The Full Moon in November 2024 will illuminate the night sky as the Beaver Moon, casting its bright glow and marking another cycle in its continuous rhythm.

Named the Beaver Moon by Native Americans and colonial settlers, this lunar event is traditionally associated with the time of year when beavers begin to take shelter in their lodges, having prepared for the winter ahead.

The Beaver Moon holds various names across different cultures, each reflecting the unique aspects of November’s season and the behaviors of wildlife during this time.

Visibility of the Beaver Moon in November 2024 is expected to be optimal, given favorable weather conditions.

This full moon phase will occur on November 15, reaching peak illumination in the afternoon for observers in the Eastern Time zone.

As it ascends into the night sky, stargazers and lunar enthusiasts will have the opportunity to behold the moon’s serene brilliance.

This event is not only captivating visually but also rich in cultural and historical significance.

The cycle of the full moon has always been intertwined with agricultural practices, guiding the timings for planting and harvesting, while also inspiring numerous myths and folklore.

Key Takeaways

  • The Beaver Moon in November marks a time associated with preparation for winter.
  • November’s full moon will reach peak illumination at a specific time, which is viewable depending on location and weather.
  • Cultural, historical, and agricultural contexts enrich the significance of the Beaver Moon.

Beaver Moon Scheduling and Visibility

beaver moon november

The Beaver Moon in November 2024 offers a celestial spectacle with its precise timing and widespread visibility.

Understanding the schedule and peak illumination times enhances the viewing experience across different time zones.

Date and Time

The Beaver Supermoon of 2024 is set to occur on November 15, 2024. The exact moment when the moon will be considered full happens at 21:29 GMT.

Global Visibility and Time Zones

Observers worldwide can enjoy the Beaver Moon, but local visibility depends on time zones.

For example, Eastern Standard Time (EST) viewers can expect to witness the full moon at 4:29 p.m. on the same day.

Peak Illumination Timings

Peak illumination signifies the moment when the moon appears brightest in the sky.

For November’s Beaver Moon, peak illumination will occur early on November 27 at 4:16 a.m. ET.

This is the phase where the moon is positioned directly opposite the sun, allowing observers to see its full face lit up.

Historical Significance

full moon in november

Full moons have long been essential in many societies’ cultural history and timekeeping practices. The naming conventions often reflect the seasonal activities or natural phenomena each month.

Native American and Colonial Influence

The Beaver Moon is a term deeply rooted in Native American and Colonial American traditions.

Native American tribes, specifically the Algonquin, used moon phases as a calendar system to track seasonal changes.

They named the full moon in November, often characterized by the time beavers begin to take shelter and hunters set traps before swamps froze, the Beaver Moon.

Colonial Americans adopted similar terms due to their own reliance on these animal pelts for trade and survival during winter months.

Beaver Moon Astronomy

full moon november meaning

The Beaver Moon in November 2024 marks a significant phase in the lunar cycle, capturing the essence of astronomical rhythms seen in the Northern Hemisphere during this time of the year.

Lunar Cycle and Phases

The lunar cycle, also known as the synodic month, is when the Moon returns to the same phase, which is about 29.53 days.

During this cycle, the Moon goes through several phases: New Moon (also referred to as Dark Moon when it is completely invisible), waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, Full Moon, waning gibbous, last quarter, and waning crescent, before returning to New Moon.

The Beaver Moon marks one of these full phases observable in the lunar cycle.

how many moon phases are there

Full Moon Calendar for November 2024

In November 2024, the Full Moon, known as the Beaver Moon, occurs on Tuesday, November 15, 2024. Below is a brief full moon calendar for November 2024:

Phase Date and Time (EST)
New Moon November 1, 2024, 8:47 AM
First Quarter November 8, 2024, TBD
Full Moon (Beaver Moon) November 15, 2024, 4:29 PM
Last Quarter November 22, 2024, TBD


Please note that the time is given in Eastern Standard Time (EST) and will vary by time zone.

Observing the Beaver Moon

To observe the Beaver Moon in November 2024, check your area’s local moonrise and moonset times.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the moonrise usually occurs in the evening around sunset during the full moon phase, making it a spectacular time for moon-gazing.

Weather conditions and light pollution can affect visibility, so finding a dark location will enhance the viewing experience.

The Beaver Moon serves as a prelude to the astronomical seasons of late fall and winter, encapsulating the colder changes in scenery.

Cultural and Folkloric Aspects

november full moon name

The Full Beaver Moon in November is steeped in various cultural and folkloric traditions, from Native American origins to modern interpretations and celebrations.

Beaver Moon in Myths and Folklore

Traditionally, Native American tribes tracked the seasons by naming each month’s full moon. The Full Beaver Moon represents a time for setting beaver traps to ensure a supply of warm furs for winter.

This moon was a signal to prepare for the cold months ahead. Folklore often centers on the practical activities associated with the year’s natural cycle.

In certain myths, the Beaver Moon is a time for contemplation and acknowledging the cycle of life and death.

The preparation activities reflected in the name of the Beaver Moon are also echoed in other cultural stories and rituals that stress the importance of gathering resources and preparing for the winter.

Modern Interpretations and Celebrations

Today, the Beaver Moon has transcended its roots in survival preparation and has adopted new meanings.

In modern times, it often represents the culmination of autumn and the start of winter. Some people view it as a time for reflection and the last chance for outdoor activities before the onset of the cold weather.

Various spiritual groups find special meaning in the Full Beaver Moon, considering it a period for personal growth, releasing the unnecessary, and preparation for new beginnings.

These contemporary interpretations borrow from the full moon’s spiritual meaning which aligns closely with the folklore that once informed how our ancestors lived in unison with nature’s rhythms.

Natural World During the Beaver Moon

next full moon november

The Beaver Moon, often occurring in November, marks a period of preparation and adaptation for many species as they ready themselves for the colder months ahead.

This full moon is deeply interwoven with the behaviors of beavers and the broader environmental transitions of late fall.

Environmental Impact on Beavers

During the Beaver Moon, beavers are notably active as they fortify their lodges and construct winter dams. They do this anticipating freezing temperatures, using the full moon’s light to guide their nocturnal work.

At this time, beaver traps were historically set before swamps froze, as their pelts were thickest and most valuable for fur trade.

Seasonal Changes and Animal Behavior

As the Beaver Moon heralds the approach of the cold moon, the environment undergoes significant changes. Nights grow longer following the autumnal equinox, and animals shift their behavior to adapt.

Deer enter their rutting season, and many species, including beavers, busily harvest resources. This full moon phase coincides with hunting traditions, as it once illuminated the night for hunters during the peak of the deer-rutting moon phase.

Agricultural Relevance

when is november full moon

The Full Beaver Moon in November is pivotal in the agricultural calendar. It follows the autumnal equinox and signifies a time for farmers to focus on harvesting and preparing for the winter months.

Harvesting and Preparing for Winter

With the fading light of autumn, the full Beaver Moon historically reminds farmers that it is time to complete the harvest.

During this phase, important crops like corn, often called the Corn Moon when full in September, need to be safely stored to protect them from the approaching cold.

It’s a period of brisk activity where the final yields are gathered, and the excess is typically made available for trading, a practice that coined the term “Trading Moon.”

Farmers also take this time to hunt for food to supplement their winter stores. Although not known as the Hunting Moon, typically the October full moon, the November moon still sheds enough light on the fields, allowing for the opportunity to hunt game in preparation for the scarcity of winter.

Crops harvested earlier, such as those collected during the Harvest Moon, which is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, are now processed and conserved.

This may include canning, drying, and fermenting to ensure that food lasts through winter.

For farmers, the Full Beaver Moon is more than just a celestial event; it’s a critical deadline.

They work diligently to fortify their homes and barns against the cold, repair any equipment needed for the coming spring, and manage resources to support their livestock during the winter freeze. It is a time of both endings and preparations, marking the transition from the time of growth to a season of sustenance and survival.

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Frequently Asked Questions

when is the full moon in november

In addressing common curiosities, this section aims to provide insight into the unique characteristics and significance of the Beaver Moon as it appears in November 2024.

1. What is the spiritual significance of the Beaver Moon?

The Beaver Moon is often seen as a time for preparation and introspection. It typically coincides with the onset of colder weather, signaling a period of change and transition. Many cultures view it as a moment to secure the spiritual “shelter” needed for the winter months ahead.

2. How do certain rituals correlate with the Beaver Moon?

Rituals during the Beaver Moon may include giving thanks for abundance, as historically, this full moon signaled the time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. Contemporary practices might focus on gratitude and preparation for the future.

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3. In which astrological sign does the November 2024 Beaver Moon occur?

The November 2024 Beaver Moon occurs in the sign of Scorpio, a time that astrologically emphasizes depth, transformation, and intense emotions.

4. What are the astrological implications of the Beaver Moon?

Astrologically, a Beaver Moon in Scorpio can suggest a period where hidden truths emerge and emotional clarity is gained. It’s a powerful time for shedding past hindrances and embracing rebirth.

5. How might the Beaver Moon influence personal horoscopes?

The Beaver Moon may affect personal horoscopes through heightened emotional states and a push towards resolving unfinished matters. This period may inspire individuals to confront their innermost feelings and secrets.

6. What meanings are traditionally associated with a blood moon occurring simultaneously with the Beaver Moon?

A blood moon is a total lunar eclipse. It occurs with the Beaver Moon and symbolizes potent change. Many people regard it as a harbinger of significant life shifts.

It intensifies the typical attributes associated with the full moon, such as completion and emotionality.


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