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Keen Psychic Review

by | Feb 8, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Keen offers a broad spectrum of psychic reading services with a straightforward platform for connecting with advisors.
  • Clients have control over selecting psychics and the mode of communication for their readings.
  • The platform prioritizes user privacy and security, ensuring a safe and confidential experience.

keen psychic

Keen Psychic Review24/7

Advisors You Can Trust - Experienced and Fully Vetted

Why Will You Love it:

  • Gifted advisors
  • Special Offer: 5 min for $1
  • Readings Start at $1.99/m
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In online psychic readings, Keen.com stands out as a platform with a rich history and a diverse array of psychics specializing in various areas of expertise. From tarot readings to spiritual guidance, the site offers extensive services tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals seeking insight. My firsthand experience with Keen Psychics has been a journey of discovery. I navigated through their user-friendly website to connect with advisors with varying degrees of psychic abilities and approaches.

Understanding Keen’s inner workings has been essential in appreciating what sets it apart from other psychic service providers. Their process, which pairs clients with psychic advisors, is rooted in transparency and ease of use. Evaluating psychic profiles and choosing a method of communication that feels most comfortable have been integral to the experience. Moreover, Keen’s commitment to privacy and security has given me peace of mind during sensitive interactions.

Overview of Keen Psychics

Overview of Keen Psychics

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In my exploration of online psychic services, Keen Psychics stands out for its extensive history and diverse array of reading types. It’s a platform well-regarded for offering insightful guidance through various metaphysical disciplines.

History and Background of Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics embarked on its journey in 1999, positioning itself as a pioneering force in the online psychic service space. Its aim has always been to connect individuals with talented advisors capable of guiding life’s questions and challenges. The platform has evolved to incorporate a range of technological advancements, making it accessible for users seeking spiritual guidance and life advice.

Types of Readings Offered

keen types readings

At the core of Keen Psychics’ offerings, you’ll find many reading types designed to cater to various needs and preferences. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Tarot Reading: Leveraging the symbolism within tarot cards, readers provide insights into past, present, and future circumstances.
  • Astrology: Astrological readings utilize the positions of celestial bodies to impart wisdom on personality traits and life events.
  • Numerology: This involves interpreting numbers related to your life, delivering personalized predictions and insights.
  • Horoscopes: Regular horoscope readings are available, offering guidance based on zodiac signs.
  • Dream Interpretation: For those curious about the meanings behind their dreams, Keen offers expert interpretation services.

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Each mode of reading on Keen is meant to empower users with personalized insights, whether they are seeking answers to specific questions or general life guidance. The platform has made it a point to maintain a network of trusted psychics, each bringing their unique expertise and styles to the table, which allows users to find matches that resonate with their personal needs.

How Keen Psychic Works

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Before I dive into the specifics, you need to understand that Keen Psychic provides a user-friendly platform that allows individuals to connect with experienced psychic readers for a variety of readings such as tarot, love, and spiritual readings. Here’s how the service operates in detail.

Signing Up and Creating an Account

To begin my journey with Keen Psychics, I signed up and created my account. The process was straightforward—I simply provided my basic information and created a login. This initial step granted me access to various psychic readers and reading types.

keen psychic

Keen Psychic Review24/7

Advisors You Can Trust - Experienced and Fully Vetted

Why Will You Love it:

  • Gifted advisors
  • Special Offer: 5 min for $1
  • Readings Start at $1.99/m
  • Phone or Chat

Choosing a Psychic Advisor

The next step was to choose a psychic advisor. Keen Psychic has an intuitive interface that allows me to select a psychic reader based on criteria important to me. These included their specialties (like tarot readings or love readings), experience, and customer ratings.

Types of Readings

Finally, I explored the types of readings available. Whether I was interested in tarot readings to gain insights into my life, spiritual readings for inner guidance, or a love reading to understand my relationship better, Keen Psychics provided an array of options. Each reading type was described in detail, so I felt confident in choosing.

Evaluating Psychic Profiles

Evaluating Psychic Profiles

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When I explore psychic profiles, my primary focus is on the accuracy and reliability of the readings, the psychic’s specific areas of expertise, and their professional background. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that I connect with a psychic whose abilities best match my needs.

Reading Ratings and Reviews

I meticulously examine the ratings and reviews for each psychic, with close attention to the feedback from previous clients. It’s crucial to differentiate between genuine, thoughtful critiques and those that may be less constructive or relevant. High ratings typically indicate customer satisfaction, while detailed reviews can offer insights into specific strengths or issues with a psychic’s readings.

Understanding Psychic Specialties

keen top categories

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Psychics often possess various talents, but many specialize in particular areas such as love, career, or spiritual guidance. I understand a psychic’s specialty to align their gifted areas with the nature of my inquiry. Here’s a brief list detailing common psychic specialties:

  • Love and Relationships: Insight into romantic prospects and partnerships
  • Career Advice: Guidance for professional decisions and work-related questions
  • Tarot Readings: Interpretations based on tarot cards for various aspects of life
  • Mediumship: Communicating messages from the deceased

Years of Experience and Credentials

It’s imperative to consider both the years of experience and credentials when reviewing a psychic’s profile. Though not all legitimate psychics list formal certifications, substantial experience can be a strong indicator of proficiency. A psychic with many years in the practice may bring a depth of understanding and intuition to their readings, enriching the overall quality and accuracy of the guidance provided.

Communication Methods

In my exploration of Keen Psychics, I’ve found their communication methods to be versatile and user-friendly, catering to various preferences for interaction.

Chat and Phone Options

I have experienced the immediate and personal connection facilitated by Keen’s chat and phone services. Users can interact directly with psychics through real-time chat, which has the added convenience of written logs for later reflection. Additionally, phone conversations offer the intimacy of voice communication, often preferred by those seeking a more personal connection.

Email and Video Chat Availability

Keen also provides email correspondence for those who prefer to articulate their thoughts and questions more meticulously or who may not have the time for a live session. I noticed the absence of video chat, which could enhance the personal touch for certain users. Nonetheless, the detailed and thoughtful responses via email serve as a valuable alternative.

Mobile App Access

Mobile App Access

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Accessibility is further enhanced with Keen’s mobile app. I’ve used this app and found it to be a streamlined extension of their online platform. It grants me the flexibility to receive psychic guidance on the go, ensuring that I can reach out to advisors regardless of my location.

Incorporating various communication channels, Keen ensures that I can easily connect with their psychic advisors in the mode that best suits my lifestyle and comfort.

Pricing and Payment Information

In exploring Keen Psychics’ service offerings, I’ve unearthed detailed pricing structures and various financial incentives catering to new and returning clients. You need to understand the monetary considerations before engaging with their network of advisors.

Cost of Readings

The cost of readings on Keen Psychics varies significantly depending on which psychic advisor I choose. Prices are typically listed by the minute, ranging from $1.99 to several dollars per minute. This means that longer sessions will naturally incur higher costs. It’s worth noting that each psychic sets their rates, providing a spectrum of options based on my budget.

Introductory Offers and Promotions

Keen extends introductory offers and promotions for new customers. After registering, I can leverage promotional deals like 10 minutes for just $1.99. Such offers are a great way for me to sample the advisors’ services at a substantially reduced rate and find an advisor whose skills match my needs.

Satisfaction Guarantee and Refunds

Keen ensures a satisfaction guarantee and refund policy. If I’m ever dissatisfied with a reading, Keen promises to credit my account up to a certain amount, to assure that I feel my money is well-spent. This safety net encourages me to try their services with the confidence that I have a form of recourse should my expectations not be met.

User Experience

Keen User Experience

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In my exploration of Keen.com, I noticed that the platform prioritizes a seamless user experience, from breezing through the website to securing a psychic reading. Here’s what to expect:

Navigating the Website

The Keen Psychics website is a hub designed with the user in mind. Navigation is straightforward, with clear categories and an intuitive layout. Finding a psychic or a specific type of reading takes mere moments, thanks to a well-organized interface that categorizes advisors by their skills and tools.

Customer Support and Service

Customer support stands as a critical touchpoint for users on Keen.com. The platform provides a user-friendly customer service experience. However, some users report feeling dissatisfied with the service, particularly regarding payment or credit issues. Despite this, numerous accounts of positive interactions underscore that experiences can vary.

Booking and Scheduling System

Booking a reading could not be more straightforward. Keen features an efficient booking system, displaying available time slots alongside each psychic’s profile. This scheduling system is designed to filter psychics based on their availability, allowing me to quickly secure an appointment at a time that best fits my schedule.

Advice and Guidance

I’ve carefully explored the services offered by Keen Psychics to provide insight into three central areas of advice and guidance: relationships, career, and spiritual growth. Recognizing the diverse needs for insight, I focus on the value delivered in each category.

Relationship and Love Insights

With a deep understanding of the complexity in love and relationships, I can attest to the nuanced readings Keen Psychics provides. Individuals gain relationship guidance and clarity in their love life by connecting with skilled advisors. For those seeking answers on partnerships or romantic entanglements, readers specializing in love can offer personalized insights, some of which might align with experiences described in the Honest Brand Reviews piece.

Career and Financial Outlook

The career marketplace is intricate, but Keen’s psychic advisors can help untangle those threads. They assess career trajectories and provide a financial outlook with practicality in mind. It’s more than just predictions; it’s actionable advice. Many users, find this guidance pivotal when navigating job decisions or financial planning.

Spiritual Paths and Growth

Spiritual well-being is essential, and Keen Psychics taps into this area via spiritual readings that promote self-awareness and personal evolution. My exploration into the platform confirms that seekers of metaphysical guidance can chart a course for spiritual growth through the insights provided by Keen’s diverse range of psychic advisors. This aligns with the safe space for learning and growth.

Security and Privacy

When using online platforms like Keen Psychics, I consider security and privacy paramount for maintaining trust and confidence in the services provided. Here’s how Keen Psychics stands in these critical areas.

Trust and Reliability

When evaluating a psychic platform, I look for a history of delivering consistent and trustworthy services. Keen Psychics has been connecting users with advisors since 1999, asserting a longstanding commitment to reliability. They have a variety of psychic readers and boast positive customer reviews, which can be a testament to their trustworthiness.

Scam Prevention Measures

One major concern I have is the prevalence of scams in psychic services. Keen takes this seriously by implementing scam prevention measures. They offer a satisfaction guarantee, giving users some assurance that they can confidently use the services.

User Privacy and Data Protection

My personal information’s security is non-negotiable. Keen Psychics ensures user privacy and data protection by employing robust measures.

Pros and Cons of Keen Psychic

When considering a psychic service, weighing the advantages and potential drawbacks is imperative. I’ll discuss the specific pros and cons of Keen Psychic to help you make an informed decision.

Pros and Cons of Keen Psychic

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Advantages of Using Keen


  • Trusted Platform: Keen Psychic has established itself as a trusted option for those seeking psychic services, with a long-standing presence in the market.
  • Diverse Selection of Advisors: You’ll find a wide array of psychics with varying specialties, ensuring you can find one that suits your needs.
  • Transparent Advisor Ratings: User reviews and ratings are openly displayed, allowing for informed choices based on community feedback.


  • Keen offers an easy-to-use platform with features like a reliable phone app and search filters, making connecting with advisors conveniently.
  • New clients can often benefit from introductory offers, such as free minutes to test the service.


Potential Drawbacks


  • Inconsistent Quality: While most psychics on Keen are screened, there is still occasional inconsistency in the quality and experience of advisors.
  • Restrictive Refund Policy: Some users may find the refund policy restrictive, which could be a factor to consider if satisfaction is not met.

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Because psychics work independently, your experience may vary greatly depending on the individual advisor’s approach and expertise.
  • There may be a risk of encountering misleading information if you are not carefully selecting a highly rated and reviewed psychic.


Final Thoughts and Recommendations

I’ve thoroughly examined the services provided by Keen Psychics. Here are my findings, formatted in a manner that should help you quickly assess the platform:

  • Accuracy: Based on the plethora of customer feedback, there’s a general sense that Keen’s advisors offer reliable readings. Yet, as with any psychic service, the accuracy can vary among different advisors.
  • Customer Service: Keen Psychics prioritizes customer support, with many users noting the responsiveness of their team.

Customer Reviews:

  • Positive: Many customers appreciate the variety of readers and the platform’s ease of use.
  • Negative: Some have stated concerns over the occasional mismatch with advisors, highlighting the importance of choosing wisely.
  • Customer Satisfaction: It’s notably high, with repeated praise for Keen’s satisfaction guarantee.

My Recommendations:

  1. Read Reviews: Before booking a session, carefully read the reviews of individual psychics.
  2. Use Features Wisely: Use Keen’s filtering tools to find an advisor that matches your needs.
  3. Monitor Your Spending: Be mindful of the time and money you spend. Set a budget for your readings.

Keen appears to be a dependable option if you’re considering a psychic service. Always enter such services with an understanding that they provide spiritual guidance and should not replace professional advice.

keen psychic

Keen Psychic Review24/7

Advisors You Can Trust - Experienced and Fully Vetted

Why Will You Love it:

  • Gifted advisors
  • Special Offer: 5 min for $1
  • Readings Start at $1.99/m
  • Phone or Chat

Frequently Asked Questions

In navigating the Keen platform, I’ve focused on crucial information that addresses the most common inquiries surrounding the service. This includes an understanding of trustworthiness, customer experiences, satisfaction guarantees, range of services, advisor credibility, tips for new users, and quality assurance for psychic readings.

1. Can you TRUST Keen Psychics?

I acknowledge the concerns about trust in psychic services. Keen boasts a vast selection of psychics, each with their profiles that allow users to make informed decisions based on presented credentials, customer reviews, and areas of expertise.

2. What are common customer experiences with Keen psychics advisors?

Customers commonly highlight personalized sessions and the advisors’ profound insights when discussing their experiences with Keen psychics. Reviews and ratings on the website reflect individual satisfaction and help gauge the overall service quality.

3. How does the satisfaction guarantee work for Keen psychic readings?

Keen provides a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring unsatisfied customers receive credit for use in future readings. The guarantee’s specifics highlight Keen’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

4. What is the range of services offered by advisors on Keen?

The range of services spans from traditional tarot card readings to more specialized sessions such as dream interpretation, spiritual guidance, and astrological readings. The depth of services offered ensures diverse strategies in advisors’ approaches to address client concerns.

5. How can one assess the credibility of psychics on Keen?

I consider the credibility of psychics on Keen by examining their profiles, which include detailed bios, the number of readings they’ve conducted, client feedback, and overall ratings. This transparency helps in evaluating each psychic’s authenticity.

6. What are some tips for first-time users of the Keen platform?

For first-time users, I recommend reading through advisor profiles, understanding pricing structures, and starting with shorter, less expensive sessions to familiarize oneself with the service. Utilizing introductory offers can also be beneficial for newcomers to the platform.

7. How does Keen ensure the quality and accuracy of its psychic readings?

Keen ensures quality and accuracy through a tiered advisor system, which includes community favorites and premier advisors. The system filters advisors based on user ratings, experience, and customer feedback, facilitating a trustworthy experience for those seeking psychic guidance.

keen psychic

Keen Psychic Review24/7

Advisors You Can Trust - Experienced and Fully Vetted

Why Will You Love it:

  • Gifted advisors
  • Special Offer: 5 min for $1
  • Readings Start at $1.99/m
  • Phone or Chat


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